Last Full Moon of 2013 Tonight

full moon 2
Full Moon, November 2013

Wherever you are in the world, did you happen to catch the nearly full moon last night? We did here at News of St. John and it was quite the sight to see.

Well tonight marks the final full moon of 2013. Tonight’s full moon is the most distant and smallest full moon of the year, but that doesn’t mean it will be anything less than spectacular. Let’s hope the weather cooperates so everyone can enjoy it.

St. John offers a couple of cool ways to celebrate the full moon. First and probably the most popular is Miss Lucy’s Full Moon Party. Miss Lucy’s is a laid-back, waterfront restaurant past Coral Bay. Miss Lucy’s celebrates the full moon each month with a party. The parties have been known to get pretty rowdy in the past, but from what we’ve seen and heard, they’ve certainly calmed down in recent times.

Inner Visions is a pretty cool reggae band and they’ll be over at Miss Lucy’s tonight. They go on at 6 p.m., so if you’re in the area, be sure to check them out. (Edit: We’ve heard conflicting show dates. They may be playing Thursday. We’re working to confirm now. Sorry about that everyone.)

Another cool thing to do tonight is to hike out to Ram Head. This hike can be tricky in the daylight, so be extra careful if you plan to do it at night. You will definitely need to wear sturdy shoes and bring either a headlamp or flashlight. This hike is especially cool because you can watch the sun set to the west and moments later watch the moon rise to the east.

The sun sets tonight at 5:46 p.m. and the moon rises at 6:14 p.m.

Here is a list of next year’s full moon dates:

  • January 15
  • February 15
  • March 15
  • April 14
  • May 14
  • June 12
  • July 13
  • August 10
  • September 8
  • October 10
  • November 6
  • December 6

Here are a few more pictures taken during last month’s full moon:

full moon 3
Full moon rising over St. John
full moon 1
Full moon as seen from Upper Carolina
Clearly the wrong camera setting, but cool nonetheless
Clearly the wrong camera setting, but cool nonetheless

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    • Yes—they are performing since I spoke with Miss Lucy’s workers earlier. I will call Eddie at Miss Lucy’s…..client of ours for past 15 years…

      just a note to all: If you are not aware, Miss Lucy’s co owner—Guy Walsh—is battling cancer and needs the community’s support. Email Eddie for info: WILLIAM (Eddie) SMITH

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