You Know You Have Cash When…

le grande bleu

You have a powerboat AND a sailboat on the back of your yacht!!! Seriously??

Le Grand Bleu spent some time in Cruz Bay over the weekend, and to say that this yacht was unreal is probably the understatement of the year. It was, by far, the most ridiculous yacht I have ever seen. At 370-feet in length, it is one of the world’s largest yachts and reportedly cost $90 million to build.

According to my super sleuthing online (i.e.: Google), Le Grand Bleu was built for US telecommunications baron John McCaw and was then sold to Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. Mr. Abramovich then “gave” it to his friend and business associate Eugene Shvidler back in 2006.

So as I mentioned, I saw two rather large boats on the back of Le Grand Bleu. Apparently it carries a 22-meter sailing yacht, a 21-meter motor yacht, two 11-meter sports boats and a Land Rover. It also has two helicopter pads. Excess much? Oh and the yacht also comes with a crew of 65.

yacht 2

yacht 4

Naturally I went out to catch a closer glimpse. Here’s a super quick video:

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  1. Hey Jen–check out the app Marine Traffic. It shows all the registered boats/ships on the water and information about all of them.

  2. I could live very comfortably on just the upkeep costs of this World Class Yacht as it steams in to one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world, Cruz Bay, St. John.

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