Chesney and “60 Minutes” reported on island

A guest at Blue Tang reported
she saw a commotion downtown last week.  Somebody signing autographs as
lots of people crowded around.  She thought it was Jimmy Buffet, but other reports suggest it was Kenny Chesney.  But Kenny was not alone. 

Along with him was CNN’s Anderson Cooper,
with a video crew from CBS’ “60 Minutes,” for which the news
correspondent contributes pieces. Last month, there was a report a CBS
crew was also at a Chesney concert.

“I have subsequently heard that Anderson and Kenny were at one of
our local schools, and that Kenny gave a surprise concert, and that the
kids were thrilled,” she said in a post on Anthony Finta’s USVI On-Line.  Another post said one of the songs Chesney played was Bob Marley tune, leading the child to tell her Mom, “somebody famous played at school today.”

Sounds like CBS is prepping a piece on the country singer, probably for airing the night before the Country Music Awards.  Chesney’s nominated in four categories.

BTW, latest rumor … Chesney is “the other man” in the Sara Evans divorce story.  A spokesperson for the singer said, "The allegations that Kenny had an affair with Sara are impossible and totally untrue.

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