La deluge at Cinnamon Bay

Many photographers run when they get caught in rainy weather.  Not Steve Simonsen, the internationally-known Caribbean image maker.

So when a ‘vigorous’ tropical wave passed through the VIs Tuesday, bringing torrents, Simonsen got going.  Even though, he says, five inches of rain fell on the island during the day. One place he went was Cinnamon Bay where he recorded this video.

A “Hazardous Weather Outlook” has been issued for the next week by the National Weather Service. It warns of thunderstorms and the possibility of “urban and gut flooding.”  This means many of St. John’s bays will be turning brown from the dirt runoff caused by heavy rain.

For the next few days, things still are dicey.  Showers and thunderstorms will become scattered by Thursday with some flooding possible “in isolated locations.”

3 thoughts on “La deluge at Cinnamon Bay”

  1. I’d love to see this video as I’m headed down there in a few days but it is just appearing as a blank square on my screen. How can I access this video? (no little box within it with the red ‘x’ either; it’s just a blank square). Help please.

  2. We just got back from 10 days in St. John. Probably the worst weather we have had in our 12 years of going. But, it didn’t keep us down! Tuesday was almost a washout and we saw lots of those little waterfalls all over the place. It was scary driving in the heavy rains. Wednesday morning, we watched Fish Bay turn brown. Crazy! But, we went swimming in Maho – no problems. We were sorry to leave but all good things come to an end! See you next year!

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