Job seeker has his standards

There’s not much to say about this 'help wanted' posting I found at Craigslist:  “Worlds Best Chef available for private household (St. John).”

The super-confident ‘Chef’ is not just willing to work for anyone, either.

“Candidate (that would be the Employer!) must have a palate for a variety of cuisines or at least (BE) willing to try new things. This would be a full-time position and the chef is seeking housing, and a vehicle as part of the package. If you are interested please email us with specifications of what you are looking for and we will have the chef get back with you.”

Whose will be the 'lucky' household?

4 thoughts on “Job seeker has his standards”

  1. OMG! Let me just say this… I am a chef in Cincinnati Ohio. I used to live on St. John, A few years back. My wife and I are planning to move back to St. John within the next 2 years. If anyone there would like to have a chef and pastry chef at their home, to cook for them. Please let me know. But I would never be as arrogant to say something like that in my add for a job. My wife and my cuisine is mainly Italia and Seafood cuisine. If anyone is interested let me know. This would be a dream for us. [email protected]

  2. As crazy as it sounds, they do hire chefs for private households AND give them a car! You need to look at the Beacon Hill area in Boston!

  3. My husband and I are also looking for work on St.John.We have visited several times and loved every second of it. We are tired of the “rat race” (living in NJ)and would ideally like to be housekeepers for someones home. We’re a good team (married 32yrs) and put our hand to most things.
    Right now I work for the PGA Tour and my husband is Director of Production at a technology company.I’m a great cook (not chef!!) and homekeeper and my husband has the brains!! This would be a dream come true for us if someone were to contact us.

  4. I think “property managers” seems like the better term than “housekeepers” from reading thru other comments .
    How would anyone contact me from this comment if the emails are not posted???

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