It’s Whale Season Again!

The whales can be seen north and south of St. John.
The whales can be seen north and south of St. John. South Shore pictured above. 

It’s that time of year again … it’s whale season!!

I absolutely love whale season. There is something so exciting about being able to see the humpback whales cruise through our waters. Although I did not see any last year, I have seen them the five years prior. Let’s hope I get lucky enough to see them again this year!

Each year, during the months of February and March (and sometimes even late January or early April if we’re lucky), whales can be seen swimming in the waters around St. John, St. Thomas and the British Virgin Islands. How exciting is that??!! They typically make this winter appearance with their calves while en route to South America. The calves spend the first few months of their lives in the warm waters of the Caribbean, and they do so in order to build up a layer of blubber that will keep them warm in colder waters.

Steve Simonsen has been keeping an eye out for the whales for the past week or so. Hopefully he is fortunate enough to spot some. Check out some pics he has taken in past years:

Image credit: Steve Simonsen Photography
Image credit: Steve Simonsen Photography
2017 whale 1
Image credit: Steve Simonsen Photography
whale 2017 pic 5
Image credit: Steve Simonsen Photography

Beautiful, isn’t it.

For those of you who plan on doing a bit of whale watching, adult humpback whales have dark grey bodies and are between 35 and 60 feet long. They are endangered, so you’re not allowed to touch them. Just love them from afar please, which is at least 100 yards away according to federal law. 🙂 And most importantly if you are lucky enough to see the whales, send us pics! Or better yet, email me at [email protected], so we can share them with all of you.

Happy whale watching!


7 thoughts on “It’s Whale Season Again!”

    • The best place to do it is to go whale watching in Husavik, Iceland. I went there in 2010 and it was amazing. I also went to Newfoundland in August 2016 and saw numerous humpback whales from the shoreline. They were all over

  1. We are on our way down there Friday for a week. It would be great to get updates on the best places to see them. We’re planning on a sailing day around the island, so this would be a great addition to our day.

  2. Me too. I hope we get the opportunity as well. We were in Maui last year in April and they had already left. 🙁

    The post says they are on the way to South America, are they giving birth somewhere in the Caribbean? I remember seeing a program on TV and the mother’s do not eat until they arrive back in colder waters; so they are supplying nutrients to the calves and supporting themselves without eating.

  3. Year before last, it was the end of May – we were staying out in CB, above Hurricane Hole. We were just enjoying the beautiful view when I really thought my eyes were playing serious tricks on me BUT to our surprise, it was a couple of whales just slowing swimming by. What a treat!! We’ve had the opportunity to swim with Whale Sharks and that was pretty amazing but I had never witnessed Humpbacks just doing their thing…in STJ of all places!! Super cool!

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