Island Update!

Island Update!

Hello everyone, and happy Election Day! It’s me, Jenn! I’m wanted to stop by and say hello, and provide a little island update today. As we all know, this has been a pretty contentious election, so let’s escape for a few minutes to our favorite Caribbean island… Shall we?

For starters, this island is so green! Like unbelievably green! We had a good deal of rain at the end of September and every then and again in October, and the island is simply thriving because of it! I started offering my island tours again late last month, and I’ve taken my guests all over St. John, and it looks absolutely beautiful. Check out these pics that I took recently:

Island Update! 1
Cruz Bay overlook
Island Update! 2
Caneel Bay overlook
trunk bay st John island
Trunk Bay overlook

Looks great, doesn’t it??!!

Now let’s talk about what’s open… In a nutshell, pretty much everything is open at this point, which is great! On the Cruz Bay side, Lovango Rum Bar and Distillery is expected to reopen very soon. It’s a great new spot in town with great food and drinks, as well as beautiful views of Cruz Bay harbor. We’re still waiting on an opening date from our friends over at Extra Virgin Bistro. But no need to worry, we know it will be worth the wait! And on the Coral Bay side, Aqua Bistro remains closed, however it’s expected to reopen soon. Such great news!

Now let’s talk about shopping! Pretty much all of our shops are open too. Not able to make it to the island anytime soon? No need to worry! Nearly all of our island retailers offer online shopping. Just do a quick Google search of your favorite spot and shop away!

Ok, now on to practical matters. It’s time to chat about masks. Masks are required in every business in the US Virgin Islands. This means that you have to wear a mask on a taxi, when you enter a store, a market, etc. Masks are required in restaurants unless you are sitting and eating or drinking. This means that when you walk into or out of a restaurant, you need to wear a mask. When you stand up from your seat, you need to wear a mask. When you walk to the restroom and back, you need to wear a mask. Our restaurants are routinely inspected for compliance, and if a patron is not wearing a mask when required to, the restaurant can possibly get shut down. And that wouldn’t be fair to our hardworking servers, bartenders, kitchen staff, cleaning staff and others. So please, wear a mask. 🙂

Island Update! 3
Francis Bay

Now let’s talk about the beaches. They’re just as beautiful as ever! (And don’t worry, you are not required to wear a mask at the beach. Gosh, that would result in some interesting tan lines! But you are expected to social distance at the beach and pretty much everywhere.) Our beaches look great, and the coral does too! So please do yourself a favor on your next trip and explore our underwater world. You will be happy you did!

Oh and speaking of beaches, this is sea turtle nesting time. So you may come across a small area roped off with tape indicating an active nest. Volunteers patrol our beaches looking for signs of nesting and then work to ensure that the baby turtles make it into the ocean safety. Click here to read a story posted last year about hundreds of baby sea turtles hatching.

Island Update! 4
A sea turtle nest was roped off last week.

Now I understand that many of you are unable to travel to the island at this time. So I am working to bring the island to you via virtual tours. Please check out my website at www.explorestj.com or my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/explorestj for upcoming information.

Well folks, I think I will wrap up this post right here. It was nice being able to stop by and say hello to you all today, and a BIG thanks to the new owners for allowing me to do so! And regardless which side you are on today, let’s just make certain that love and kindness outweigh everything else. Because that’s what’s important in life. Love and miss you all! Have a wonderful day!






19 thoughts on “Island Update!”

  1. ‘Afternoon, Jenn!
    Looks like good news all around for the most part.
    Good to hear about Aqua Bistro- my favorite place! (If Brian Olson goes back, even better. )
    Stay safe, and great to hear from you!
    Here Today, Gone To Maho-

  2. Great to hear from you, Jenn. Thanks for the info update and your beautiful pictures of “green” St. John. Miss you.

  3. Glad to see you stop by Jenn! Coming to island next week and while we completely understand the testing requirement(s) pre-arrival, is the Covid testing at Cyril E. King mandatory or at the discretion of the airport screeners doing the temperature checks? Just curious. Thanks in advance 🙂

  4. Hi Jenn….it is very nice to hear from you with the island updates along with those outstanding pics you always share! Looking forward to watching your island tour videos. Hope you and your family are doing great!
    Best Wishes….Mitch and Sandy Lodge

  5. Such a lovely update. We miss you Jenn! Congrats on becoming a mom. Thanks for our private tour with you way back. We are talking about coming over Thanksgiving. This might have helped seal the deal!

  6. Hi, Jenn! It is a wonderful surprise to hear from you tonight and great to see your photos along with the good news on island. I miss the personal touch that you always included in your news about the island. Any pics of Dalton? No doubt he has grown a lot! Take care, be safe, and keep sharing your island paradise with those of us who can’t be there.

  7. Hi Jenn! How wonderful to hear your voice again! Such much needed pictures of St John these gloomy days when covid-19 hinder mostly all joyful activities. Thanks för the tip, will look into your website right away!

  8. Great notes Jenn! And yes STJ lovers pls adhere to the mask regulations noted here. Observed a shut down at one of your favorite ferry area stops where there was a perfect storm of rain which ushered everyone under cover and to the bar area and many after enjoying a few libations couldn’t connect the dots on mask wearing. In came the inspector and briefly shut ‘er down. This is their livelihood, pls remember this.

  9. Hi Jenn; It’s been a while! Miss your informative articles & stories. Heading down in December. Had our trip in April cancelled. Going to take time with a realtor this trip & look into moving there. It’s a big decision. Weighing Pros & cons. It was great to see you in print again.

  10. Hi Jenn! I have not been to St. John in a few years and trying to schedule my timeshare week for either the end of 2020 or Spring of 2021. Where are you exactly located and how do I reach out to you other than this email? Would love to take a tour when we get there and love your updates! My bucket list #1 to live on St John someday sooner than later lol! Anna Mayer

  11. Hi Jenn! Great to “see” you here! Love the update. We can’t wait to get back next summer! In the meantime I’ll look fir some of your virtual tours! Take cate!

  12. Love to read your articles. We are bummed that we had to cancel our March visit. As soon as it feels safe we will be back. Looking forward to another adventure with you. Hugs to Dalton.
    Remain healthy and safe.

  13. Jen – such a welcome message on a very crazy day!! So happy the island is looking great, restaurants are reopening, shops are prospering. We were so fortunate to visit our beloved island in July and pray we get to return soon. Our best to you and your family and look forward to your next post and can’t wait to have our next tour with you!

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