Iron Bartender: Judges Wanted

Motu Bar Sign

Think you have what it takes to judge an Iron Bartender contest? If you do, Motu Bar is looking for you.

Motu Bar is holding St. John’s first Iron Bartender challenge on June 16. The contest, fashioned after the Food Network’s popular Iron Chef television program, will pit 20 contestants against one another for an on-the-fly mixology challenge. Twenty contestants will represent the three US Virgin Islands in a contest that is sure to amuse.

Contestants will be tasked with creating unique drinks using a variety of secret ingredients, as well as Patron tequila (an event sponsor). The contest will be held in three rounds, furthering the need for additional judges. Contestants will be judged on taste, creativity and flair. Dawn, owner of Motu Bar, said the final round “promises to be amazing.”

If you think you have what it takes to judge, please email Motu Bar here.

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