In the cold dark night of winter

Connie Daniels
wrote to say, “Your newsletter is such a great resource – it makes me feel like I'm almost there – but not quite!! As I look out the window at snow and hear the wind rattling through my not very tightly sealed windows.  Please advise me how I can find those wonderful views of St. John, I've forgotten how to access the Webcam I had previously found.”

Her note was a reminder to freshen links to St. John Webcams:

3 thoughts on “In the cold dark night of winter”

  1. I’m right there with you, Connie. In the past week we have had freezing rain, sleet and snow. Tomorrow night we are supposed to get 6 more inches of snow. I check all the web cams every morning when I get to work and count the days until I return to St John

  2. Its minus 5 degrees here in Michigan this morning. Thanks for sharing the webcam links. Talk about a ray of sunshine and happiness…. We’re definitely counting the days until the St. John Blues Fest in 2 months.
    All the best from the cold and snowy Midwest

  3. Way cool cams. Be there a week from tomorrow. Have to clear the newly fallen 5 inches of snow first. Have about a foot on the ground. I want out!!!

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