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Hello everyone and happy Saturday! I apologize for being absent the past few days. I have actually been acting like a little Amazon.com factory up here in Connecticut the past few days, all in effort to get St. Johnopoly out to you! You may be wondering why I’m shipping them from Connecticut… The games were manufactured in Cincinnati, so it’s much easier and more cost effective to ship them to all of you from the great state of CT, rather than putting them on a boat to St. John just to ship the majority back to you all in the states. 🙂

So I finally saw the game in person Thursday, and it looks great! Everything from the brand new board to the brand new money to the brand new tokens that we custom created for all of you, which include a petroglyph, a heart for Love City and even a map of St. John … it all looks amazing!

A BIG thank you to all of you who preordered them! The very last of the preorders ship today, so you will have them within the next few days. And for those of you who have yet to order yours, if you order it this weekend, you can have it by mid-week. After this weekend, we will be doing a once a week shipment out, so get yours today!

Here are a few pics we’ve taken the past few days…

2019 Board Box Top

2019 Game Tokens


Box Bottom


Priority Mail Boxes

Thank goodness the local post office up here loves me!

Playing St. Johnopoly is kinda like being on St. John, right??! All you have to do is turn up the heat, grab a cocktail, throw on some Kenny Chesney perhaps and play the game… it’s the next best thing!

We will begin selling games on island in a few weeks. They are currently en route to the island and very well may be somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean at this point. 🙂 Once they arrive, we will sell them exclusively at St. John Spice, which is located upstairs right next to the ferry dock.

If you would like to purchase a copy, please click the Buy Now button below. That will bring you to a secure PayPal site. Games cost $50 plus shipping. Shipping is automatically calculated based on location. (Shipping is a tad pricier than we’d like, but the post office determines the rates, not us. 🙂 )

St. Johnopoly, 2019 Edition – $50 – Get Yours Today

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Only a limited number of games are available, and all sales are final.

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