Huge Parcel Across From Maho Lists For Sale – Zoned Commercial

maho bay

For the past month or so, we’ve been keeping an eye on a property located across the street from Maho Bay, on the western end of the beach where the pavilion stands. It was recently cleared and a small, somewhat dilapidated house is now visible from the roadway. Well when we drove by Maho during one of our News of St. John Tours Thursday morning, we were pretty stunned to see a for sale sign out front. Here are the details straight from its listing:

Almost beach!!! Commercially (W-1) zoned. Fronts Maho Bay Road, 50+/- feet from Maho Bay beach. Fantastic large parcel can be subdivided into substantial homesites with Maho Bay views and common access to Maho Bay Road. This stunning pice of paradise offers endless opportunities. Surrounded by VI National Park, the privacy and serenity are in place forever.(SEE DOCUMENTS FOR SKETCH OF POSSIBLE SUBDIVISION)

The parcel is just over six-and-a-half acres and is listed for $8,000,000. This map shows exactly where the parcel is:

maho for sale map view

I have to say, this doesn’t make me smile. The thought of putting a subdivision in that spot is heartbreaking. Or even worse, a commercial development, which is very possible as it is already zoned commercial. And that’s a selling point according to the listing realtor. Check out this post he recently put on his Facebook page:

realtor facebook post

And here are the plans for the proposed subdivision included with the listing. Check it out:

maho proposed subdivision

We can only hope that someone steps in and secures this parcel in the same way that John Stryker, a philanthropist and conservationist, saved the former Maho Bay Camps property back in 2012. Mr. Stryker also donated money earlier this year to help purchase another property that will be donated to the Virgin Islands National Park. Kudos to you, Mr. Stryker. We can’t say that enough.

We will keep you all posted on this…

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  1. Quote from realtor: the privacy and serenity are in place forever

    I wonder how peaceful it would be living across from Maho Beach. This is more apt to be developed into a commercial business.

    Hoping the St. John Land Conservancy, Trust for Public Land or some such group can swing this purchase.

  2. Truly disheartening. This is our favorite beach on St. John and the thought of it being built up either with residential or commercial would be awful.

  3. Where is The Nature Consevancy on this? They sold Ditleff so maybe they’d be interested in some north shore conservation? Has anybody reached out to them? I’ll do it if no one has? Nancy from Block Island

  4. This is so misleading. There are special CC&R’s on these parcels, restricted to residential use only.

    “There shall not be created of subdivided from the Property any parcel or plot which is less than one half acre in size. The Property shall be restricted to residential use only. There shall not be constructed, erected or placed upon any plot in the Subdividion more than one single-family private dwelling house with attached or detached servants quarters and one guest house. Both principal one-family residence and such attached or detached quarters for guests, servants, or caretakers may be leased on a periodic basis as may be desired. However, neither the principal one-family residence nor any such quarters may be used as a commercial guests house, office or for any other commercial purposes whatsoever. There shall be no manufacturing, merchandising or conduct of any trade, or business within the subdivision. Nothing shall be maintained or conducted therein which shall be an annoyance or nuisance to the inhabitants of the subdivision. Structures much be constructed in conformity with all applicable laws and regulations”.

    These two (2) parcels have been listed for sale for 5+ years. Parcel 3 Rem is 4.5 acres, listed at $5.5M, and parcel 3-2 is 1.653 acres, listed at $2.5M = $7.5M. Note the “proposed” subdivision plan shows three (3) parcels, plus a common area.

  5. Gretchen, you seem to be very knowledgeable about his site. Are you the listing agent?

    Does “…neither the principal one-family residence nor any such quarters may be used as a commercial guests house…” mean they cannot be rented by the week as short-term rentals (must be permanent residences), or does that mean they cannot be hotel type facilities?

  6. If this is purchased and donated to VINP that’ll be another high taxed lot that disappears. We can’t have it both ways. We’re either content with higher property taxes and less development in STJ or we’re against high property tax but for greater development. I’m not taking a position here (my bravery is admirable).

    • I doubt that this unimproved six acres of land has that large of a tax bill. Based on what we know about tax collection on STJ, the bill is probably not being paid. There are sites that are much more sensitive than others when considering the values that draw people to STJ.

  7. can we have real news of st john. dont show us land for sale. that is a joke tell us how the new places in coral bay are doing on the off season.. the new pizza place?

      • Helen, is this “newsy” as you suggested? You’re damn right it is. A parcel that is being marketed as commercially zoned right across from Maho? Well gosh, I’m not sure how much more newsy you can get. We had nearly 10,000 people view this story on the first day it ran and that was the intention. Because with that reach (not including the 30,000 people who were reached via Facebook), hopefully there will be an environmentally conscious buyer who steps in much like what happened to the Maho Bay Camps property years back. So I will continue to be “newsy” for the greater good of St. John. -Jenn

        • Hi Jenn–I am confused. I was disagreeing with Anthony and agreeing with you. It is newsy. I was just trying not to be as confrontational as some get on the Internet. No need. If I had the cash, I would buy the place and do as you suggested.

          • Sorry Helen, I was clearly crabby when writing last night. My apologies. I took your comment as an insult meaning that I was writing the story with bad intentions. Thank you for responding and thank you for reading. And again, sorry for my crabbiness. 🙂

    • Hey Anthony- want a job? This is a one person operation. It’s not the easiest task to tell the news for an entire island. Maybe rather than having a negative opinion, join in and help. Let’s be a positive force, rather than negative.

    • Furthermore, you’re in East Hampton, New York. Why don’t you tell me more about the pizza places there?

  8. I do not see a problem with a nice beach bar at Maho. After a few hours on the beach walk over and have a burger and a frozen drink.
    White Bay on Jost is still a beautiful place even with the bars.

  9. i am sorry there is a lot of land up for sale on island you are helping sale it by putting it on the news.I love the island having a house in Coral bay and off island for the summer your news is about st john not the hamptons.it is a shit show here

    • Actually we’re promoting this parcel so an environmentally conscious buyer can scoop it up much like what happened over at Maho Bay Camps. But thank you for your opinion.

      • Jenn, you are doing a fantastic job at keeping us updated on all news (good or bad in others’ opinions) of St. John. It helps keep us connected with our own piece of heaven.

        Please keep up the good work. We look forward to your news each and every time. 🙂

  10. Unfortunately I’ve had a few things come up and can’t swing the whole $8 million right now. BUT,,, I really only need somewhere around 1000 square feet of my own to do whatever I want,,,, so maybe we can take the whole 6.5 acres, which is something like 283140 sq ft, and divide that up between all of us. At $29 a sq ft= $29,000 for my share. I’M IN. I only need 275 more partners to do the same. Who’s in?? (sorry for math on a Friday 🙂

  11. It’s been a while, but the Trust for Public Land is familiar with the overlapping ownerships in this area, courtesy of their attempts to protect the land that was Maho camps. The fellow in charge was Greg Chelius, though, the responsibility may have been passed along to another person. History is not on the side of preservation, but it would be nice if someone stepped up to shield the area from development.

    Developing the area might represent a short term financial gain for the island, but the action itself….and what it represents…..is a long-term loss for St. John.

    Still, I am happy to have enjoyed St. John when it was a lot less developed. Hope it all works out…

  12. I too love St. John especially Maho so I hope, like Jenn that someone can purchase and donate this land. St. John is special because of it’s simplicity and natural beauty and any development would be a step backwards in my opinion. Less is More!!

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