Livin’ large at Lovango

 LovangoFriends of the Inquiring Iguana built a fantastic house on Lovango Cay, a tiny island north of St. John. They have now begun renting it.

The Iguana is not in the business of writing fluff about rental houses.  But when something makes a villa stand out, that's a different story.  Like Villa Serendipity's Webcam. You might even call it news. 

Well, what makes The Love Shack different is the fact that it's not on St. John.  Lovango is a short dinghy ride away. The property has both a beach cottage and a main house, including 2 1/2 bedrooms and 2 baths. There are no roads.  There are no restaurants.  The ocean, literally,
laps at your front yard. 

If it's privacy you want this is the place.  Which apparently is what MSGColleen and her husband wanted because they stayed at the Cottage a few weeks ago and live blogged their Trip Report at Virgin-islands-On-Line.

Msgcolleeen"We felt like teenagers whose parents just left and we had the whole place to ourselves," MSGColleen wrote. "Ahhhhh – paradise.  Also, the great thing about being right on the beach with the constant breezes is NO MOSQUITOES.  We were eaten alive last year in Coral Bay."

MSGColleen stayed about a week and wrote a report each day, complete with photos.  Despite this having been their seventh trip to St. John in eight years, they found new things to do, made new friends, and had a great time.

3 thoughts on “Livin’ large at Lovango”

  1. What a fantastic trip you had, I felt like I was a part of it. Thank you for the daily updates. Beautiful pictures too. You should consider becoming a travel writer.

  2. yes, THANK GOD you avoided Coral Bay…along with the mosquitos, I am sure by your attitude that the locals did not miss you very much at all either….

  3. Sorry Sandy! I did not mean to say that Coral Bay is full of mosquitoes. Unfortunately we stayed in Coral Bay right after a tropical storm last year and the mosquito bloom was at it’s peak! I love Coral Bay and will stay there again.

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