How much would pay for dinner with Ted?

The guru behind the restaurant Tage has joined with KatiLady Katering to offer "In Villa Private Dinners." 

Ted Robinson
, the closest thing the island has to a "Top Chef" personality, is being hired out by KatiLady for gourmet food prep for six to 14 people.  The costs include $450 for him, plus tip, $125 for a server, and food shopping.  Using Mrs. Inquiring Iguana’s expertise at budgeting, dinner might come to $155 a person.

"Ted will arrive on site 1.5-2 hours prior to appetizer service and create the majority of your meal in your private villa’s kitchen," a brochure from KatiLady explained. "Ted will prepare and plate your meal. Our staff will serve each course while Ted will offer descriptions and details of your meal. KatiLady staff will leave your kitchen sparkling clean." Robinson is also available for cooking classes at $150/person.

His’s skills are such that he managed to make Tage, and its uber urban location, a "must taste" stop for splurging visitors during three years as executive chef. He departed a few months ago.

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