Here’s What’s Happening on the Spice Cam…

Dinghy dock replacement Feb 25 2019
Repairs on the south side dinghy dock began Monday.

Hello everyone and happy Tuesday! We received several emails yesterday asking us what was happening on the St. John Spice Cam, a very popular webcam here on St. John.

“What going with the old dock that was destroyed at the ferry?” One reader asked via email. “Are they restoring it?  From the web cam, it looks like planter boxes!!”

Well, I can assure you that it is not planter boxes. It is, in fact being restored, which is another great step for St. John.

A screenshot from the St. John Spice Cam Tuesday morning
A screenshot from the St. John Spice Cam Tuesday morning

The north side dinghy dock was restored last month thanks to Dan Boyd and his company Island Expeditions – they’re doing the work – and Kenny Chesney’s Love for Love City Foundation, which is funding the project. They’ve now moved on to the south side dinghy dock. It should be useable next month.

“I kept asking Jeff Quinlan from Love for Love City about rebuilding the dinghy docks,” Dan told me last month. “I even asked Kenny himself. It is being funded by No Shoes Reef Foundation and Engle Coolers, through Love for Love City and St. John Community Foundation. The VIPA (Virgin Islands Port Authority) has been very helpful and supportive.”

So for those of you who donated to the Love for Love City Foundation, thank you. I cannot stress enough the impact that your hard earned dollars are having here in our community. I would also like to thank everyone who has donated to our recovery. You are all truly making a difference.

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