Heard on the Twitter from St. John

Grazing Twitter for St. John-related items, this morning’s scan turned up some fine pictures and a video. 

‏**** @Whooty4DaMasses

 My view from the bar earlier today


**** @TammyLHenry

I find it weird that I can sit on a deserted beach in #USVI & use #twitter & #facebook but can't at Bridgestone Arena or LP Field #Nashville

**** @MrsBorglum

My snorkel adventure July 4th, St Johns (sic!) USVI. Stayed up on Mt. Bordeux ( sic, 2), cold breezes. See the full video.

**** Jetsetter ‏@Jetsetterdotcom

I posted 4 photos on Facebook in the album "Overlook It All: St. John Island, USVIfb.me/Nb5wwdCc

8 thoughts on “Heard on the Twitter from St. John”

  1. I find it terrifying that anyone has so few inner resources that they would sit on a lovely deserted St. John beach and fiddle around with Twitter and Facebook. I suppose it does explain why there are people who might vote for Romney, the vacant minded wonders of the world.

  2. What an arrogant stance. Your idea of happiness and enjoyment isn’t the same as others. Both are ok, they aren’t bothering you when they tweet.

  3. Of course they dont bother me. Stupidity and vacuity bother me. Read Pearls Before Swine for today, Thursday, July 12, for the perfect comment.

  4. In reply to Mr. Roberts –
    I believe it is those with the “inner resources” of a brain who will vote for Romney. And, quite frankly I find it “terrifying” that one could be so traumatized by someone sharing their enjoyable day with friends and family at home via their electronics. Cheers.

  5. I take it Mr. Roberts is for Barack H. Obama. Anyone who could even consider voting for him after the past 4 years of a completely leaderless & ultra partisan presidency, must have nothing between the ears. No president in modern history has done so much damage to our nation internally and to the world’s perception of us externally. It will be hard enough to recover from this destruction if we get on the right path this coming January. If we have to wait 4 more years, I shutter to think how much worse off we will all be.

  6. In response to the political argument ensuing, I would like to say that those who voted for Barack Obama in 2008 had half of an excuse; however, those who choose to vote the same in 2012 have chosen to be fooled twice. “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me” seems to apply to the situation, Mr. Roberts. All of the talk in the liberal news is about the Romney’s spending their own money on lavish things. We are supposed to be more outraged by Ann Romney buying herself a nice blouse (with hard earned money) than Michelle Obama taking a European vacation paid for by you and me. VOTE FOR MITT ROMNEY -A BETTER AMERICA 2012!
    P.S. Looking forward to a relaxing vacation on St. John while I tweet, facebook, tumblr, and pin all day long.

  7. I have four years of undergraduate and ten years of post graduate education. I want to thank Mr Wilson for stating that anyone who supports Romney is vacant minded. It caused me to step up and donate more money to the Romney campaign.

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