Has Coral Bay Been Saved?

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For those who you who oppose the megamarina in Coral Bay, we have some great news for you today. The Army Corps of Engineers officials recently handed the developers a “near death blow,” according to a recent article printed in the St. John Tradewinds.

(Side note before we get into the details: The Tradewinds was recently sold to a few folks on island, and it’s quite good these days. So if you’re on island, please pick up a copy. It comes out every Monday and only costs $1.)

According to the Tradewinds article, the Army Corps asked the developers to respond to a list of 133 concerns within 30 days of receiving the notice. The developers subsequently asked for additional time. (No surprise there.) The Army Corps then stated that their application was “effectively being withdrawn until the applicant could respond to all 133 concerns,” the article stated.

And according to David Silverman of Save Coral Bay, the Army Corps’ notice also included 15,000 letters of opposition and a mere nine letters of support for the megamarina. So kudos to all of you who took the time to write.

Speaking of David Silverman, he is pretty badass – pardon the language but that’s the only way I could think of describing him this morning. 🙂 As the head of Save Coral Bay, he was able to garner 15,000 letters of opposition during the first round of the Army Corps’ public comment period, 22,000 letters during the second round, 2,000 pages of formal comments from the Coral Bay Community Council and Save Coral Bay, and also 33 pages of legal analysis from their federal lawyers.

So what’s David Silverman’s take on the latest development?

“The way I interpret this action by ACOE to provide this extensive list of requirements is that it demonstrates that the community and federal agencies have wide ranging and serious concerns with the project,” David Silverman stated in this week’s issue of The Tradewinds. “These concerns are not frivolous; they are very, very real concerns because they do need a response. It is going to take a very substantial amount of time and investment for the applicant to respond to the extensive list of concerns. We believe that many of the concerns are unsurmountable which no amount of study is going to make go away, and the comments including two agencies that have specifically recommended denial of the project, all support this conclusion.”

Save Coral Bay: 1 Summer’s End Group: 0

20 thoughts on “Has Coral Bay Been Saved?”

  1. With so many polarizing issues running the news cycle it’s great to see good things can happen when people get behind something they believe in. It’s a win for the residents of Coral Bay, the environmemt, and for all of us who share it as our happy place.

  2. It would be interesting to know how much money they have WASTED on this folly! If they had met with the people of Coral Bay in the beginning they could saved everyone time and money. Coral Bay needs a small facility for the residents and tourists, not millionaires!

    • Not sure it is regarded by them as ‘wasted’ money – I guess they have lived comfortably on the startup funds for the last few years……

      • This project has been their job for several years. The investors have paid for their rent, their food, their drink, first class airfare, and whatever else they bought.

        I suspect they are looking for a new job in a new location.

  3. Although this is not the end of the project, I believe you can see it from here. There are things that the applicants can do to keep the project alive and even advance it. The problem is that it will likely only postpone the demise. They don’t seem to have the knowledge or experience to know what to do. I doubt that they have the funds to pay consultants to tell them what and how to take the next step or to carry out those steps. There aren’t many who would squander their time or reputation to support a project so loaded with problems. Then there is the investor role. If they have any money, how far will it go? Can they get any more investment money? Why would a serious, knowledgeable investor throw good money into a project facing a 15,000 to 9 negative response? Doesn’t that, on its face, say the project is doomed?

    We have likely heard the last from SEG. Let’s keep alert.

  4. Unfortunately Summers End could see the forest for the trees. In this money hungry and super greedy world, diligent people must be alert. They’ll steel you scks if they could

  5. Yeesss! This is the best news since sliced bread! I have tears in my eyes! PS; everyone we call badass is really goodass, thanks Mr Silverman

  6. Let’s all hope that the Army Corps has effectively killed this terrible project. However , I strongly suggest that we keep focused on this issue. As soon as we assume it’s dead, some rich investor will breathe more life into the plan to destroy Coral Bay. Be vigilant !!

    Now , let’s think about the ” real ” problem. This ridiculous concept should have never been approved at the local level. The fact that our fellow Virgin Islander’s , including the review board on St John and the Governor , all got behind this project , demonstrates just how very endangered our small island is these days. These local politicians don’t really care about the unique character and natural beauty of St John. They only care about gaining money for themselves and protecting their corrupt clients.

    I’m not surprised that the government on St Thomas supported the mega Marina. They have never cared much about St John. But the local review board, made up of local St Johnians , who approved this disasterous plan , despite obvious conflicts of interest and self dealing, is what really angers me. This project should have been rejected when the overwhelming opposition from St John residents was voiced. Instead , these concerns were totally ignored, and the interests of a few were given preference over the vast majority. Is that democracy ??

    We need to be sure that the local St Johnians , who purport to represent us in government , share our values for the beauty and unspoiled wonder of St John. Makes me very thankful for Lawrence Rockerfeller!! If great portions of the island weren’t protected years ago, those forests would be destroyed by now, to make lots of room for fast food restaurants , big box stores, and anything else the corrupt politicians and unethical lawyers could skim money from!!

    If we don’t continue fighting for our paradise, it will be lost to ugly parking lots and commercial junk. Don’t give up the fight !!!

  7. This was mere common sense on the part of the Army Corp., which undoubtedly can be politically manipulated. What you really need to be is vigilant about are the “others” that intend massive development, with some of the same side players manipulating politics for personal gain. The next “big thing” won’t be as easy to overcome (not that SEG was easy). Power, money and politics.

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