Happy Holidays!

Daily STJ Thanksgiving 2013

This Thanksgiving, I’d like to extend a very special thanks to all of you. It’s been nearly six months since Frank Barnako entrusted me with News of St. John, and I can unequivocally say that I am having an absolute blast. I thank each and all of you for reading the site daily, for interacting with us over on Facebook and Twitter, and for reading our weekly emails. I’ve met so many people over the past several months and have received so many wonderful emails – I am so grateful to all of you.

From our family here at News of St. John to yours wherever you may be in the world, we wish you love and happiness this Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Hanukah everyone!

2 thoughts on “Happy Holidays!”

  1. Job well done, Jenn! “News of St. John” is how I keep up with this beloved island. I was happy to find out, among many reports, of the new Pine Peace basketball facility and grass sprouting at Winston Wells field for the lovely children in St. John. I am rooting for them, always. Happy Thanksgiving to, among others, Toots, Dr. Gilbert Sprauve, Anne Marie and David, Dr. Bob and Sue and of course my former landlords par excellence, Laurie and Craig Crandall, ever gracious, helpful and attendant to every possible detail. Congratulations to Megan, all-time great masseuse, on her recent wedding. Hoping to visit soon. In the meantime I’ll rely on “News of St. John” to keep me posted about this wonderful place.

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