Gym in Paradise for sale

Gym in Paradise, on the third floor of the Marketplace is being offered at $300,000 by Holiday Homes, added to the Multiple Listing service in the past week. Meanwhile, the Wicker, Wood & Shells, gift shop at Mongoose Junction I came off the listing.

On the residential side, one home came back on the market, while another property’s price was cut. The returning property is a 3-bedroom, 3-bath property which, from its offering photos, looks to be under construction. Asking price is $895,000. Meanwhile, a newly-completed 3-bedroom, 3.5 bath house with waterfall (!) overlooking Rendezvous Bay was repriced on the MLS at $2,250,000, down almost $350,000.

The overall market’s statistics: 37 residential listings, one more than last week; 123 land lots, unchanged; 9 condos, also unchanged, and 94 timeshares, also steady.

5 thoughts on “Gym in Paradise for sale”

  1. I’m very interested in the gym for sale please email any info you have. i was at the gym last year currently live in connecticut. if you have any more info or pictures please email them to me. thank you!

  2. The Gym is actually now listed at $140,000–great opportunities here! I am a licensed realtor on St. John and would be more than happy to send you information. If you would like to email me at [email protected] I can get you P&L numbers, pictures, ect…

  3. Nope, sorry. Gym in Paradise has new owners. They’ve been visiting St. John for almost a decade and, in fact, married at Cinnamon Bay last year.
    Plans were to install a new training room, and to add sales of vitamins and nutritional supplements as well as personal trainers besides pilates and yoga.

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