Grande Bay rezoning rejected


Governor Charles Turnbull has vetoed the Grande Bay developer’s request to build an additional 14 condominiums and a restaurant.

The St. John Source reported rezoning of the parcels from Waterfront-Pleasure to Residential: Medium density was rejected because, the Governor said, there has been a "ground swell of opposition on St. John."  The rezoning, he added, would  pressure the island’s infrastructure, increase noise in the residential neighborhood, worsen the island’s parking problems, and have "unpleasant and unhealthy impacts," the Source said. Developers said they had pre-sold the 14 extra units, suggesting they will have, at the least, some unhappy customers who may have made deposits.

7 thoughts on “Grande Bay rezoning rejected”

  1. Thank God, the Governor vetoed the request. I think that the developer “pre selling” the units without consideration for the zoning laws shows lots of courage and consideration for the rest of the community.

  2. My understanding is that the developer had the approvals, and that the govenor vetoed the approvals. I don’t think the developer would have pre-sold them without the approvals, which were reported in this newsletter as well as other publications. As an owner of one of the units, I hope it increases the value for those approved and under construction

  3. Jeff:
    I think you’re right. I had a such a reaction, too … knowing that some units have already been offered for resale.
    Folks with contracts on firm units may in fact have found some new appreciation.
    As for having pre-sold unapproved units, I only know what I read … but I’m sure the purchase contracts had a contingency clause for such a happenstance.

  4. Don’t forget there’s a pending lawsuit against code violation and privacy nuisance. Bay Isle and the plaintiffs have to resolve this case before anyone can close on their units, acquire a mortgage and receive title insurance. I highly doubt a bank will underwrite a loan with such a pending suit. As far as I know, the complaint cites a number of code violations that must be addressed.

  5. Speaking of Maho Bay-what is the
    status of that issue. I haven’t seen any reports recently. Could someone possibly acquire that land and waterfront from the National Park? And is there an organization to protest through?

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