Grande Bay: In the Center of It All

Grande Bay Middle of it all


One of the most frequent questions we receive here at News of St. John is “where should I stay?” Our response is pretty standard: If you want to be where most of the action is, Cruz Bay is your best bet. If you want to be where it’s a bit quieter but you still want quick access to a few good restaurants and shops, Coral Bay may be the way to go. And if you want to be completely away from it all, East End is for you.

And for those who truly want to be in the center of it all, I typically suggest Grande Bay.

(Full disclosure: Yes, I am aware that there is a small group of people who will never like Grande Bay for one reason or another. As someone who has spent some time on the property, I have to admit that I found it to be quite nice. It’s convenient and has great views, on-site parking and super quick wifi. Grande Bay is also a big community supporter. That to me is huge. )

Grande Bay is truly at the center of it all. You really can’t get any closer to the action than when you’re staying at Grande Bay. For starters, it’s only 300 steps from the ferry dock when walking along the beach. Want to grab one of Motu’s delicious Bushwackers before heading to Frank Bay for the sunset? Well it’s a mere 10 steps to Motu and then only 311 steps down the road to Frank Bay. How’s that for convenient?

Looking to watch some live music? Then mosey on over to The Beach Bar, which happens to be only 38 steps away from Grande Bay.

How about some drinks and grub? If you’re looking for a relaxed atmosphere, you can walk a few blocks – 495 steps – to Woody’s. Looking for something a bit fancier? Walk another 20 steps up to La Tapa – which is only 515 steps from Grande Bay.

Waterfront Bistro is a great spot for a nice meal with a nice view. Again take the beach (such a nicer route) and after 311 steps you’ll be there.

You’ll probably want to do a little shopping after all of this eating and drinking. Mongoose Junction, home to an abundance of great restaurants, shops and bars is only 684 steps away.

Lastly, you’re probably going to want to explore the island a bit. After all, you’re in one of the most beautiful spots in the world. Take the beach over to the taxi stand, which is 310 steps away.

How about a nice boat ride, say over to the British Virgin Islands for the day? Simply walk across the street and hop aboard Residensea – Grande Bay’s exclusive 35 ft. Scout.

Grande Bay's 35 ft. Scout - ResidenSea
Grande Bay’s 35 ft. Scout – ResidenSea

Want to learn more about Grande Bay? Click here to visit their website.

11 thoughts on “Grande Bay: In the Center of It All”

  1. I love how you counted all your steps! A great way to burn off a Bushwacker or 2!
    Another great thing about staying at Grande Bay (or anywhere in Cruz Bay) is you really don’t need to rent a jeep! That savings could pay for a full day boat charter… a boat day is the highlight of our trip! 🙂

  2. Well you can use or trash the following email. For background, I invited every mgmt company to an open house in December when I finished Bordo Mare. Not a single one accepted or showed up! Talk about trying to freeze me out due to what they may or may not have gotten for a mgmt fee. See, they swap 10% fees between themselves, don’t get me started, in some of the crap these mgmt companies pull!

    Anyway, the following was put out today to them and others for your information.

    To Each and Everyone of You!

    I just wanted to take a moment and thank the owner of the single property management company that decided to work with me on rentals of Bordo Mare VRBO 465589 and Sopra Mare 251854 over the last four months. In each case the company was paid a 12% to 15% full commission at time the initial deposit was received and did not wait months until guests had left and then “chase” around for someone until they got paid. In turn, I provided some referrals that turned into rentals for the company and they paid me a commission! For this, I am grateful, you took a chance on my villas and I truly thank you.

    For the wedding planners, again, thank you for believing in my properties, touring them and placing wedding guests and bridal couples in my villas. Once again, your commission was paid in full within three days of my receiving deposits – not waiting months to get paid! Thank you.

    For the several companies in the southeast and southwest that independently work with me on my St. John villas, I thank you for the referrals that turned into guest commitments and of course your prompt payment, as I received deposits – no waiting on me!

    I look forward to working with each and everyone of you in the future and continuing to making Sopra Mare and Bordo Mare the very best, in guest satisfaction by providing the very newest and best equipped properties on St. John!

    Thank you to you all for making Bordo and Sopra Mare such a success!

    Mike Mullen – OWNER

  3. Please count the steps to Ocean 362 at Gallows Point. We had a wonderful dinner there following the cocktail party and sunset at Coconut Coast Studios in Feb 2014. The dinner menu is a treat for foodies, as is Rhumb Lines – more steps to count.

  4. It is important to realize that the article is a paid, ADVERTORIAL piece, not unbiased journalism…..There are many on St. John that view Grande Bay as a an example of over development gone wrong.

  5. I love your site, but truly, It’s not “one reason or another” that people don’t like Grande Bay….it’s ONE reason, and that is that the developers broke a bunch of laws and got away with it. By supporting that development you are part of that corruption and encourage others do to it in the future.

    I’d stay at Grande Bay if they took a wrecking ball and removed all the illegal structures.

  6. For a truly great meal you really need to take a few steps longer, over to Aqua Bistro in Coral Bay. If you leave early in the morning Friday u can make Ponzu Tuna night with the best chef on the island ( MJ ).

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