Grande Bay getting good response


The folks at the Grande Bay Residence Club are bullish.  

The director of sales, John Alvarado, said business at the Cruz Bay waterfront property has been so good, "We have decided to accelerate the timing for the next round of price increases."  

6 thoughts on “Grande Bay getting good response”

  1. Thanks for asking.
    “Advertorial” is a bit of editorial whose basis is an item from an advertiser. Yes, it is advertising.
    It’s similar to the articles you see in newspapers where the pages are titled “Special Advertising Section.”

  2. The advertorial is written by the Inquiring Iguana, me. It uses a blog post from Grande Bay as the basis of the short item you see on NewsofStJohn.com. If ouy want to know more, if the advertorial interested you, you can then click to the advertiser’s own blog, which the Inquiring Iguana has set up for them – but does not write. http://barnako.typepad.com/grande_bay_residence_club/
    Frankly, I think their blog posting this week was real news. While you’ve got villas selling for 50% less than asking price, Grande Bay says business is so good they;re going to raise prices. That;s a story!

  3. Correction – these are not Fractionals – they are Timeshares. Typical of Timeshare sales-speak… buy now before the prices go up… LOL
    (anybody that wants the truth about timeshare ownership from Owners – good and bad – Google: TUG, Timeshare). This will take you to a BBS that discusses all-things related to timeshares – I maintain the thread on vacation-ownership for the Westin St John.
    ~1000 posts with ~75000 views

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