Government wants to muffle noise from bars

Anyone who’s ever walked around Cruz Bay when Fred’s is rocking with reggae will get a kick out of this story. 

The Governor has signed the "Noise Pollution Act" to require that bars and taverns in the Territory be soundproofed.  As Mayor Daley once said when asked about something he thought was preposterous, "Just say, I smiled."

Gov. John deJongh issued a statement admitting he has second thoughts about signing Bill 27-0026, enacted "to prohibit unreasonable, excessive and annoying noise levels."

"The legislation leaves too much discretion in the hands of the agents charged with investigating and enforcing alleged violations of the law," he said.  In other words, you can only hope the investigating police officer is having a good night and doesn’t think tourists are having too good a time. 

The Act’s focus on noise "may have a harmful impact on some of our cultural traditions" deJongh added.  Also, soundproofing open-air spots like the Beach Bar or Island Blues could, the Governor indicated,  "adversely affect our tourism product."

And what do you do about Woody’s?  Put all those people inside?  Just say, I would smile.

2 thoughts on “Government wants to muffle noise from bars”

  1. Can I say stupid!!! What are they gonna do during carnival village, close it down. I can hear it up at Gallows till two in the a.m. but wouldn’t think of complaining about the noise. Maybe I would now just to show them how stupid it is.

  2. Alan … this really does sound like a stupid one – i’m not aware of any news stories that might have precipitated this move … but i am serious – as they Governor appears to be – about the authority self-appointed police enforcers may try to exert.
    For instance, maybe a blow-out wedding reception that hires Mark Wallace and that wonderful better-than-Tina Turner singer? Man, they raise the roof … and with villas in valleys … everybody can sing along … except maybe the bear in the prowling car doesn’t want to.

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