Governor weighing fate of condo project

The new Governor is facing a tough political decision only a few months into his term

While campaigning last fall, John deJongh was on island and said he supported hiring a community planner to help manage St. John’s growth.  That would include studying how, when, and the scope of real estate development.

Looming over deJongh in Cruz Bay was the huge Sirenusa condo development. In a unexpected move, the VI Senate voted to approve the project’s request for additional units.  The developer told a public hearing on St. John that if he didn’t get approval, his financing might be withdrawn and the project could be halted.

The Senators, including St. John’s Carmen Wesselhoft, voted their approval despite the Dept. of Natural Resources opposition.  The Senate’s legislative counsel also opined against the change.

Now, it’s on the Governor’s desk. Opponents urging the Governor to veto the Sirenusa zoning bill include the island’s former Administrator, dozens of residents who have written letters (St. John Source ) and community leaders.

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