Gov. approves basketball court repair at cost of new recreation center

It's almost a can't miss sight on the island; the basketball court along the south shore road as you leave Cruz Bay, driving toward the Westin.

No matter the weather – blazing sun, rain, wind, snow :), or time of day – it seems there's always a basketball game going on.

And over the years, understandably, the ground has settled and the court has cracked. It needs repairs.
Now, they're on the way.

Governor John de Jongh signed a bill clearing the way to get the job done, at the expense (loss) of a new recreation center that could have offered additional athletic activities.  

He approved "reprogramming" $250,000, previously earmarked for the center, to instead finance repairs to the basketball court at the Pine Peace School.

4 thoughts on “Gov. approves basketball court repair at cost of new recreation center”

  1. GREAT!!! The Rec Center is usually closed on the weekends and there is always a game going on at the Basket Ball Court! This will be a great improvement. I hope it doesn’t take as long as the Park!!

  2. Fixing the basketball court is great. $250K to repair uneven asphalt? It seems you could cover the court with a coupkle feet of black top for that. Not being a paving contractor I can’t really say how reasonable this is…

  3. Think I played on that court or some other court nearer downtown Cruz Bay 33 years ago. Hitched in from Cinnamon Bay for an evening of hoops. Held downs with a few locals for longer than I should have. Bob Marley’s Jammin coming from a boom box next to court – at that time was a hangout for more than just basketball!
    Very nice people-great time remembered!

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