Goosebumps on the beach

While the east coast warmed up, into the 50s over the weekend, the St. John thermometers were plunging.

Steve Simonsen, the world class photographer, posted on Facebook that "69 degrees was the low in Great Cruz Bay."  And with some stiff winds the wind chill factor made it feel like 60. "The coolest night on St. John EVER," he said.

On the other side of the hill overlooking Chocolate Hole, StJohnTalk agreed.  The blog said, "The tourists are NOT looking happy but at least their patroinizing local establishments." Tables full at lunchtime at Jake's and Sun Dog Cafe.

Karin Wisniewski Schlesinger was shopping at Starfish where she saw locals bundled up, too. "All … were in long pants, sweaters.  Only some had socks," she said. Adding, "My guess is only some HAVE socks."

Cece Burns had MORE than socks.  She Facebooked, "So glad I kept my down comforter."

4 thoughts on “Goosebumps on the beach”

  1. It was So cold! I had 2 shirts, sweatpants and socks on! Yes, i have socks! I was wishing last night i had an electric blanket! Must be a cold front from canada!!!!

  2. Welcome to our weather all winter long in Colorado.ONLY COLDER!
    It’s been awful all over the US. Spring is next weekend. Yeah.
    Don’t forget, Daylight saving this Sunday. Spring Forward.
    Missing STJ, See you soon.

  3. This is really funny to read… Since its 63 in Pittsburgh today and I’m LOVING it… I guess however, 69 down there would be NO fun — but I still think I could enjoy myself 🙂

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