Goodbye Gastro Grub

With heavy heart, and perhaps stomach, Allan Lancaster, is closing the doors of GastroGrub at the Marketplace.

GASTROGRUB_MENUFollowing up on his warning earlier this week that it could happen, Lancaster posted to Facebook Thursday it soon could be over.

"Well it's official, (Friday) will be our last day of business. We would like to thank all who have supported us. Also, we invite you to join us over the next two days to assist us with reducing our inventory so we may decrease our balance. We would also like to thank Jason and Jonathan from La Plancha del Mar for affording us the opportunity to open in their space and working with us through this difficult process."

In the last few days, people have been commenting on how much they liked what Lancaster accomplished at GG in just a few months. "I will miss you … your wonderful food and hospitality!," said Beth Tuttle Heskett. "It was a fantastic restaurant with fantastic food," agreed Daniela Manrique.

5 thoughts on “Goodbye Gastro Grub”

  1. It’s a shame this guy couldn’t make it. Maybe he was better off staying at the Tamarind once a week to keep the overhead low. Hope a new restaurant opens in its place.

  2. Took the family here twice on our trip to St. John. We would have made it thrice but would have missed the ferry if we did. Am deeply saddened it is closing. The prices were reasonable considering the quality of the food. Best wishes to Allan in whatever he chooses to do next! I know he will succeed!

  3. St John is a VERY EXPENSIVE island, especially to live and work. (I have done both)If he couldn’t make it, with the prices he was charging, then that is a reflection of just how costly it is to maintain a business there. Everything comes by boat, and it basically adds 40 to 50 percent more to the price you might get on the mainland.
    Sad, I heard great things about the restaurant.

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