Good deed needs permission


There just seems to be something wrong when a community group has to get permission from the government to repair a public facility.  

Yet, that's just what has happened with regard to the basketball court at Pine Peace, the asphalt slab where you see young men (and women!) playing roundball day and night, hot or warm.

Over the years, the court's deteriorated and now a new group, Partnerships in Hope – St. John is going to do something about it.  Bruce Munro is part of it; he's also president of St. John Rotary.  A man keeping very busy, doing good.

Logo At the last Rotary meeting, Munro said the Partnership "has gotten approval from the government to restore and upgrade the basketball court and play area." Permits, he said, should be in place within two weeks.

"Anyone who wants to donate funds or labor, please contact me," he added.

4 thoughts on “Good deed needs permission”

  1. Great post.
    >There just seems to be something wrong when a community group has to get permission from the government to repair a public facility< Yep. We can thank the lawyerization of even paradise, and the new'ish VI Left - for their slavish adherence to "the state knows what's best". Not long ago, a few folks would just get together and fix - in this case a frigging slab of concrete - in an afternoon. At the most, maybe one of the folks worked at Public Works, and he'd "borrow" some material. No one would ask any permission of anyone, didn't need to. And miracle of miracles, things got done, and quickly. Doing stuff that way was second nature here - for eons. Now? How about a gravel parking lot, repeat- gravel -that costs a million Dollars, and is still not finished? Or a $7 million Dollar roundabout? Welcome to Hope and Change! 🙁

  2. Huh? The previous poster wants to make VI Government inefficiency and waste a result of the Obama presidency? Sweetie, St. Thomas has been perfecting this since around the time of Transfer. And what’s this about the newish VI Left? Oh, yeah, i forgot, we used to be all Republicans here, or maybe Libertarians? Cheese-an-bread!

  3. just a comment on a group repairing a public facility…
    Permission as well as plans are needed to ensure public safety.. it is really no big deal…. and not really “newsworthy” It ensures that the group fixing the public property does it right to ensure public safety…. pretty standard… What if I wanted to fix up the dock and decided that in my artistic eye that broken shard of glass would make it look pretty….. get the picture?

  4. As I understand it, the money has been spent and plans drawn up and approved. The funding for the project is all from private interests. The “all clear” from the Government is all that is needed. What is the hold up?

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