Give a dog a lift

Give a dog a lift 1

OK, here’s the deal.  Island animal lovers have identified a number of homes on the mainland willing to welcome some puppies and dogs.  The alterative is the animals stay on St. Thomas, perhaps to be put down at the crowded shelter.

A volunteer, Pia, posted this plea on the Virgin Islands On-Line forum:

“If there are any visitors that will soon be arruving here and then flying back home to LA, Philadephia, Boston, Buffalo, Chicago, or Connecticut, please call Rhea at the STT Humane Society.  We are desperately looking for escorts to transport some puppies/dogs to new adoptive families in these cities.”

There is no cost. Vounteers will receive the dogs at the STT airport and then be met by their new families on the other end. “It’s just they canot fly without a passenger who is on the plane.”

Here’s the phone number for Rhea: 340-643-0796.

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