Get Soggy At Home

soggy puzzle

Can’t get to Jost anytime soon, but looking to get a little “soggy” in the near future? Well today we’d like to tell you about the next best thing! (And sorry, it does not mean that we’re going to deliver Painkillers to your door, although I’d love to if I could!)

I was lucky enough to swing by the Soggy Dollar Bar over on Jost Van Dyke yesterday, and when I arrived, I noticed that the owner, Jerry, was doing a puzzle. My first thought was, ahhh, slow season. But as I got closer, I noticed that he was putting together one of Soggy Dollar’s newest merchandise items … a puzzle!

It’s called the “Imbibe Soggy” and it has 500 pieces. According to their website, it’s “Perfect for any rainy night or next Snowpalooza… a 500 piece puzzle to bring back all those delicious memories from Soggy Dollar Bar. Cheers!”

Well we could not agree more! Check out a pic of the completed puzzle:


The puzzle is on sale for $40. Click here to visit Soggy’s online store.

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