Future of Customs House in doubt?

There will be less boat traffic in the Creek in a few years. That's the small harbor in Cruz Bay where the U.S. Customs Office is. 

St. John Customs

(That's the Customs building in a photo that Dony31 posted at Flickr.)

VI government has decided to spend $1 million rum tax revenue to build a
new Customs facility at Red Hook, where the ferry dock is, too.

A new office would mean that folks on St. Thomas, taking day trips for snorkeling, sailing, or visiting the BVIs won't have to make a detour to St. John to clear Customs before returning to St. Thomas.

Gov. de Jongh signed a bill appropriating the money.

Now the question may be, Will the federal government close the Customs office on St. John? 

Several proposals for developing the Creek and the Cruz Bay
waterfront are being considered, at least two of which propose a marina
in the Creek.  Perhaps, the feds will decide it makes sense to close the
St. John clearance facility and use the new one on St. Thomas for
everybody – meaning day trippers and so forth from St. John would have
to stop at St. Thomas before returning to the smaller island.  That
would be a bummer.

7 thoughts on “Future of Customs House in doubt?”

  1. They should spend $1M creating an amnesty policy between the USVI and the BVI so that charter boats can be exempt from the foolish process.

  2. WOW! it is already a pain to get in and out of BVI from St. John. It is why I often think of, but decide against even going. LJH

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