Sirenusa flap brings Senator to St. John

A Senator who voted in favor of the rezoning for Sirensa is reportedly on his way to the island Thursday to do some fact finding. 

An e-mail from the St. John Coalition, which is opposed to expanding the condominium project, alerted members that Sen. Ronald Russell was expected on St. John and that he "Would like to meet with interested persons concerning Sirenusa." The staffer also encouraged calls to the Senator during this Saturday morning talk show (9:20 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., eastern) on WSTX AM 970 (Listen here: http://www.wstxam.com/.)

The Coalition has been trying to motivate anti-Sirenusa publicity by encouraging calls to radio talk shows and letters to island publications.  "The Sirenusa override vote (may) be on Tuesday, May 29th," the Coalition said. The group’s e-mail added, "We want the …  project to be competed, as permitted by … current permits.  We are not blocking the completion, rather encouraging it."

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