Ferry fare increase a done deal

UPDATED Friday: The St. John Source reports a $1.10 "fuel surcharge" will be added to the $5 ticket price for ferry runs between St. Thomas and St. John beginning July 6.  The companies are also reducing service and raising the luggage fee 50 cents for runs from Cruz Bay to Charlotte Amalie.  Read the Source story at http://www.onepaper.com/stjohnvi/?v=d&i=&s=News:Local&p=1212899436


Earlier story:

An attorney for the two franchised ferry companies issued a statement last week saying the companies are being torpedoed by rising fuel costs.  They want to boost ticket prices $2 and reduce service, according to the report by the Virgin Islands Daily News.  Read it here: http://www.virginislandsdailynews.com/index.pl/article_home?id=17625758.) 

When you add on the baggage charge that the companies also make, it could cost you $9, per person, each way across Pillsbury Sound.  Naturally, this only makes St. John a more expensive destination especially for families.

The Daily News characterized the companies’ demand as “frantic,” and the Public Service Commission sounded a sympathetic tone in announcing it may consider the request at a meeting this week. 

The companies’ attorney, Claudette Ferron, said their goal is to maintain a schedule which most benefits residents, according to the St. John DSource. They propose to eliminate the 8 p.m. and 10 p.m, Red Hook and reduce Cruz Bay to Charlotte Amalie schedule to three trips a day, morning, noon, and night – which will mean visitors with planes to catch may well end up spending more downtime on St. Thomas, waiting for flights to depart

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  1. If they remove the 8pm and 10pm ferries, then the service workers will have to leave their jobs early, thus you better eat dinner before 6pm at local restaurants and shop early as well because there is no such thing as QUALITY, CLEAN and SAFE affordable housing anywhere on st john for our service workers who have to commute from red hook to st john daily.
    How about if Steve Simon and his hundreds of millions of dollars along with his Merchants Bank Board of Directors do the right thing and start building affordable apartments and/or giving low interest loans to affordable housing projects?
    Just a thought….

  2. Hey St. John,
    Welcome to the rest of us in the US of A ! How about freezin’ this winter with oil heat @ $4.60+ a gallon !

  3. Actually, almost ALL of the workers in the local restaurants (not including the major hotels – both of which provide their own ferry for workers) live on St John.
    With regards to housing, yes, it is expensive, but having lived here going on 8 years, this year has the most availability for apartments I have ever seen. And usually, as supply outstrips demand, prices come down.
    I work on St Thomas, so I commute from St John just about everyday. I have investigated housing opportunities on St Thomas, and to be honest, most of the housing is roughly the same price as St John (St John was probably 10-15% more on many apartments, not all), but many more housing options exist.
    The real issue for many living on St John is the cost of food and other day to day items. A few weeks ago I was in Philly and hit a couple of grocery stores. The cost of many of the items I use on a daily/weekly basis (milk, butter, fruits/veggies, laundry detergent) were 200 – 300%+ (not a typo) more on St John.
    With regards to low income housing, speak to the folks who live around Bellvue on Gifft Hill and get their impression. Ask how they like the increase in break-ins, burglaries and traffic.
    Low interest loans? Look around, banks are still giving historically low interest rates.
    Much more I can write, but it is time to get ready for Carnival!!

  4. My advise to all of St John, learn to appreciate what you have. Learn to share rides, the cost of fuel is not going down anytime soon. Share meals with those less fortunate. Stop crying about the econonomy when ‘we the people’ created this mess by over spending on credit cards, buying fancy cars, indulging in huge homes. If everyone stopped to smell the roses, look at your family, make things a happy home. Be resourceful with what you have.
    We are in tough times and only if we each make a small change or contribution of help…things will turn around.
    Where I live, car gas is now 5.19 and home heating fuel is 9.00…. we are learning to live within our means and only buying what is needed.
    St John…I love you and can’t wait to come back soon. I will pay the extra for ferry and for my bag on air and for that I will give up my two coffees i was buying every day.

  5. lem Interesting to note, Shipwreck Landing had a cluster of small apartments built by a “native” St. Johian. When Steve Simon bought the property they were completely demolished. They were “island style” but affordable

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