Four fine restaurants in trouble?

4restaurantsUpdate:  There is now a report that one of the four eateries, Chloe and Bernard's, has closed.  The upscale restaurant at the Westin has had several operators during its life.

The hotel's Concierge desk confirmed, saying Chloe's is closed "this month, for the slow season."

It's reasonable to expect the second-floor space in the main Westin building will be in operation as another restaurant by winter season.  They won't allow the space to go empty.

Anthony Finta says he’s heard that the company which owns four the island’s best restaurants “may be going under.”  Finta passed along what he’s heard on Virgin Islands On-Line, the Web site he’s run for what seems like at least 10 years.  He is a true Internet pioneer.

In his posting early Friday, Finta said, “(I) am sort of loathe to post rumors and such – but this is pretty juicy.

"Hearing various rumblings that the restaurant group that includes Paradiso, Asolare, Chloe & Bernard’s and the Balcony may be going under. With the Stone Terrace already closed, this would be a huge event to St. John fine dining.”

Certainly we know the economy has been awful.  Even so, there has been very little turnover activity – or closings – among island restaurants.

Oddly, despite the popularity of these restaurants, only two comments were made on the report in the first 24 hours.   JohnLMBZ06 said, tongue in cheek, “That would not be good. Except for my wallet since my wife is so insistent that we visit those places every time we go."

"Devastating," was the word Mrs. Inquiring Iguana used.

The Inquiring Iguana sent an e-mail to the restaurants’ Web site (www.stjohn-restaurants.cxom), asking for a response, As of Saturday evening., none had been received.

8 thoughts on “Four fine restaurants in trouble?”

  1. This is happening everywhere. We live in New Orleans and we’re seeing the same sort of thing here. We still love the Lime Inn, and Cafe Roma, and of course Skinny Legs, let’s hope that they all can weather the storm until things turn around again, which could be quite a while….

  2. Those restaurants have been mismanaged and owner absent for years. The economy has nothing to do with business if you run it like a clown. Keep the stateside recession in the states and run businesses with integrity and we will all be fine.

  3. Hopefully (but not likely) they will pay their employees all the hourly wages that they have owed them for months. Some of my friends are owed a few thousand dollars, but have been afraid if they quit they will never see the money.

  4. Having 1 restaurant group control 4 of the principal properties in a tiny market is a disaster for the customers. Minimal competition generates high prices for less than stellar food, drink and service. My last visit to the Balcony, an abomination of an experience, exemplified that.
    Competition is good for the consumer. Hopefully 4 talented restaurateurs will get a good price on the properties and we’ll see some exciting fine dining restaurants that can try to out excel each other.
    My heart goes out to the employees that might be hurt by these folks. It’s always the little guy that takes the hit.

  5. Asolare is my absolute favorite restaurant on St. John…it would be horrible to see it close. Hopefully something can be done to save it…and the others. Our wedding dinner and 1st anniversary dinner were spent there…so sad!

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