Former St. John Restaurant Opens Stateside

Thirsty Donkey Birm.
The Thirsty Donkey in Birmingham

Well folks, we have some pretty bittersweet news to share with all of you today. A restaurant that was closed due to damages sustained during Hurricane Irma has reopened in the States. It’s St. John’s loss, but Alabama’s gain!

In early 2017, Greg and Kathy Stein moved to St. John after they purchased The Thirsty Donkey, a fun little restaurant in Coral Bay. Unfortunately the Steins only had the opportunity to run the place for about four months, as Hurricane Irma came through and heavily damaged it. Because the property is in probate, no repairs have happened. Therefore the couple decided it was best to move back to Alabama.

Thirsty Donkey Owners
Kathy and Greg Stein

But that’s not the end of The Thirsty Donkey. The Steins recently reopened the restaurant in Birmingham. I love stories with happy endings. 🙂

The Thirsty Donkey in Birmingham has many of the same menu items as the St. John location, although additional vegan and veggie options have been added. They even serve Painkillers. Cheers to that! The restaurant is painted with tropical colors, and there are island-themed decorations throughout. There’s even a replica of St. John’s famous Don’t Stop Believing stop sign.

The Steins said they hope to reopen the Coral Bay location as soon as the property is ready. We will definitely keep you posted on that.

So those of you who happen to be in the area, be sure to stop by the new Thirsty Donkey. It’s located at 4100 4th Avenue south. For more information, check out their website at www.thirstydonkeybhm.com

The staff at The Thirsty Donkey
The staff at The Thirsty Donkey

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  1. Had the pleasure of meeting them a couple months before the storm… WONDERFUL people – very happy for them! And great to hear they plan on reopening in Coral Bay 🙂

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