First Ever “Cancelled” 8 Tuff Miles Happening Saturday

Peter Alter is the race director of 8 Tuff Miles. Photo credit: Michelle Cawthron
Peter Alter is the race director of 8 Tuff Miles. Photo credit: Michelle Cawthron

Only on St. John do cancelled events actually happen… 🙂

As you may know, the 22nd annual 8 Tuff Miles road race was scheduled for this Saturday at 7:15 a.m. Due to the hurricanes, Peter Alter, the race director, decided it was best to cancel the actual event. But you know what? Peter happens to be going on a run this Saturday, the date of the “cancelled” 8 Tuff Miles event. That run happens to start at 7:15 a.m. behind the National Park Visitor’s Center just like the “cancelled” 8 Tuff Miles event would have. And Peter happens to be running 8.38 miles from Cruz Bay to Coral Bay, which happens to be the exact course of the “cancelled” 8 Tuff Miles event. Oh, and he’s asking anyone who is interested to join him. But we need to stress that 8 Tuff Miles has been “cancelled.” 😉

So as you can see, there will be a “cancelled” 8 Tuff Miles event happening Saturday, and we encourage you all to join us. Again, Peter will be running from behind the National Park Visitor’s Center to Coral Bay. Since the ball field is now the site of a temporary dump out in Coral Bay, he will finish on the roadway near Indigo Grill.

(Random fact about Peter: He and I are from the same hometown in Connecticut … small world!)

If you happen to join Peter this Saturday for a run, please bring your own water. We will have a handful of “cancelled” and “unofficial” water stations along the way, but we will be acting more like cheerleaders than actual water stations. Students from Gifft Hill School will be located at the old St. John Rescue building. The Animal Care Center will be staffing un unofficial station just before mile two at the Water Catchment trail. Friends of the Park will be at the BVI overlook, and the Coral Bay Greeters will be at Chatueau Bordeaux.

I will be at mile 8 along with some friends, so please stop and see us!

But again, because we are not official water stations, we ask that you not throw your garbage along the side of the road during your run. Also, the roadway will not be closed so be aware of traffic and stay as far to the left as possible.

Because this race is cancelled, the bathrooms at the beginning of the race will be closed. There also will not be a truck to carry your belongings from Cruz Bay to Coral Bay, nor will there will taxis waiting to bring you back. So you are responsible for getting your belongings to Coral Bay and yourself home. There will not be an awards ceremony as that was “cancelled” too, but we hear that there may be a group of people gathering at Mongoose and The Tap Room just as they would have in previous years. 😉

Participants of this “cancelled” event are asked to bring cash as many of the restaurants in Coral Bay will be opening early to accommodate Peter’s friends who happen to be running alongside him Saturday morning.

All of this sounds pretty good for a cancelled race, doesn’t it??

Oh and one last thing – if you are not interested in running but are on island, we encourage you to set up shop somewhere on Centerline Road and cheer on these folks. Thanks everyone and I hope to see you Saturday!

14 thoughts on “First Ever “Cancelled” 8 Tuff Miles Happening Saturday”

  1. This is awesome This doesn’t pertain to the race, but could you tell me how the roads are along south shore, all the way to Fish Bay?
    All cleared?

  2. Heard there is something happening @ Beach Bar!!
    in Monday 2-19-2018 is this true?
    Feeling the Island coming alive over the past couple of days . Soooo

  3. Why did they cancel the official race?? I thought St. John needs all the tourism they can get. Even if it was a small race isn’t that better than no race???

    • Because at the time the race director would have had to make the commitment and advertise ahead, half the island still didn’t have power and travel and accommodations were too uncertain. It wouldn’t have been fair to off-islanders or to local people to strain the available resources.

  4. Jen, Were coming down on March 1st for 2 weeks. Do you know what cell phone service works on the east end? Staying by Sloop’s Thanks!

  5. Edwin,
    I heard they cancelled because the government wouldn’t let them close the road because post-Irma there has been a lot of wild animals on the roads and they feared a hungry wild boar would chase the runners.

  6. Oh darn we are just going to miss the cancelled race as our flight arrives at 1pm 🙁 We will be doing our share of running on St. John all week & doing our best to spend money on island and support all of you who always support us when we visit. Look forward to seeing you all on trail & at the restaurants! Wish the cancelled race was Sunday, we’d be there for sure

  7. Any chance they’ll do a t-shirt we can buy, even though it would be post event?? Maybe runners can all sign up at the end of the event. I bet there will be enough participants to place an order?!

  8. I am heading for my first trip to StJohns in a few days April 2-2018. Can anyone suggest a good running route? Trail through the State Park? Roads safe to run in the shoulder?

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