Eye popping underwater photography


Image sourced from Steve Simonsen's Facebook page

A popular Web site for professional photographers has turned its lens on St. John's Steve Simonsen. 

Photoshelter.com calls the 20-year resident "a specialist who has made his life's work under water."

The article details Steve's "strategic factors" of photography: having access to the best locations, specialized equipment – with backups, understand the unique challenges of water, get close, watch for stray reflected light, and keep shooting.

"I usually go in with multiple cameras just so that I have multiple exposures available to me," he told Photoshelter.com. "With today’s digital cameras exposure, count isn’t a factor anymore and that is great."

Oh yeah, one more thing. Besides being a great photographer, Steve says if you want to be an underwater photographer, you should also know how to scuba dive.

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  1. Congrats, Steve! You did our daughter’s family photos (including baptism) on the beach at Hawkesnest last summer. Thanks so much for trying this departure for us from your usual routine. Good to see you are getting even more recognition on your awesome and unique underwater abilities. Mike and Cassie

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