Explore STJ: Cinnamon Bay Factory Ruins

Explore STJ: Cinnamon Bay Factory Ruins 1
The Cinnamon Bay Factory ruins are located on St. John’s North Shore.

Hello everyone, and happy Wednesday! I know that many of you enjoy exploring the island, and unfortunately you are not able to physically be on St. John right now. So we’re going to continue bringing some of our favorite spots to you virtually. Today’s virtual trip will take you over to a site on St. John’s North Shore that’s rich in history – the Cinnamon Bay Sugar Factory.

The Cinnamon Bay Plantation was one of the most prosperous sugar cane operations on the island, according to the National Park Service. Established by the Danes in 1717, it was one of the earliest sugar plantation settlements on St. John. Its owner, Daniel Jensen, played a pivotal role in the slave rebellion which swept the island in 1733. The uprising shook the Caribbean, and the final stages saw the participation of French and English forces to suppress it. (Source: NPS.gov) Its ruins, located along North Shore Road are expansive and are easily accessible.

The Cinnamon Bay Trail Loop is a half-mile long and take less than 30 minutes to walk. Some of the areas are uneven, and can be slippery when wet, so please watch your footing. Parking is available onsite beside the factory ruins (space for 1-2 vehicles) or across the street at the Cinnamon Bay parking lot (ample parking).

Explore STJ: Cinnamon Bay Factory Ruins 2
The beginning of the Cinnamon Bay Loop Trail

Explore STJ: Cinnamon Bay Factory Ruins 3

The Cinnamon Bay Factory ruins feature a horse mill where the cane juice was squeezed out using iron rollers. That juice then flowed into a nearby boiling room. The spent cane would be stacked in the “bagasse shed” where it would dry and then be used to fuel fires under a series of boiling kettles. There are some remains of the cauldrons inside the boiling room for you to view. (Source: NPS.gov)

Explore STJ: Cinnamon Bay Factory Ruins 4
Steps leading to the horse mill at Cinnamon Bay

Explore STJ: Cinnamon Bay Factory Ruins 5

Explore STJ: Cinnamon Bay Factory Ruins 6
The entrance to the boiling room at Cinnamon Bay

The Cinnamon Bay Estate Home serves as the home of the plantation’s owners and managers. There were few great houses around the island, as incomes were marginal at best which precluded lavish dwellings. You may recall a recent hike we posted about to the Murphy Great House. That Great House is located above the Annaberg plantation.  (Click here to read all about it.)

Explore STJ: Cinnamon Bay Factory Ruins 7

The Cinnamon Bay Factory ruins also include slave quarters, two cemeteries and a warehouse.

The sounds of nature are so powerful in this area. We recorded a short clip to share with all of you. Press the play button below to listen.

Want to Explore STJ and see the Cinnamon Bay Factory Ruins yourself? We would love to take you there and to other interesting places! Please visit www.ExploreSTJ.com to learn about our full and half-day island tour offerings.

Explore STJ: Cinnamon Bay Factory Ruins 8

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  1. Every day I get to learn more about this wonderful island. Thank you for all the work you put into this.

  2. We’ve visited this site many times while camping at CBC. We’ve missed seeing it the last three years while staying in Cruz Bay for our March vacation.
    Thanks for a nice job featuring this much-loved area.

  3. I’ve always wanted to walk that loop- still on the “to-do” list for future trips. I loved hearing all the birds- thank you Jenn!

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