Epiphany plans fund raiser

The Epiphany Theater Co. will stage its annual "fun raiser" August 26, 27 and 28 at the new community center at the just-opened Bellevue Village on Gifft Hill.  Auditions for the show, "Utter Nonsense" were scheduled this week, according to Carole DeSenne.  The show will include four comedies including one showing how a group of monkeys create Shakespeare’s works.      "It’s just fun. It’s good camaraderie and gives you something to do," said DeSenne.

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  1. I have vacationed at Coral Bay, although not this year. Do you do short plays? Ten minute plays? I am a published playwrite. If you are interested I could attach one (Microsoft Word) in an email. If it was a help, and you wanted to do it, if you wanted to see more of them, I would send them. If you wanted to do them, that would be fine. Sincerely, Greg Zittel, NYC. (If you need a reference I am a friend of Mr. Benjamins.)

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