Dolphin prices better than Starfish

Under the heading, “Tell me something I didn’t know,” the VI government surveyed food prices on St. John and found Dolphin Market less expensive than Starfish Market.  A survey by the Licensing and Consumer Affairs Department found Dolphin’s market basket costing $82.32 and Starfish’s $85,75.  Dolphin’s total was four percent less, said a report of the survey published by the St. John Source (Read the story at http://www.onepaper.com/stjohnvi/?v=d&i=&s=News:Local&p=1212898678)

Another recent survey compared food costs at two grocery stores in Washington, DC and two on St,. Thomas.  Wanna guess the outcome? Prices averaged 50% higher on St Thomas than in Washington, according to Dave Barber, a former official with the VI Department of Labor.  He said he was not surprised.  Barber did a similar comparison in 1997.  The difference then was 33 percent. A report on Barber’s independent survey was published by the Virgin Islands Daily News.  Read it here: http://www.virginislandsdailynews.com/index.pl/article_home?id=17625014

7 thoughts on “Dolphin prices better than Starfish”

  1. I’m much happier shopping at Starfish. The parking is plentiful. And Starfish carries a better selection, and fresher produce, meat and fish. If the LCA considered which store had the items they would actually want to eat, my money’s on Starfish. Have you seen the meat at Dolphin?! I can also run other errands in the same shopping center as Starfish. The Marketplace has wireless access, and the Mail Center, the hardware store, the bookstore and coffee shop, the bakery, the gym, the pharmacy, and even Innovative, are all right there. And there’s nice music and several great places to have lunch.

  2. I like Starfish’s hot deli for great lunches and dinners to go. Starfish Gourmet has the best wine prices and a far greater selection than Dolphin, too – I’m guessing that wasn’t on the LCA’s shopping list. And did anyone mention the air conditioned bathrooms on each floor of the Marketplace? 🙂 And I’m pretty sure Starfish has a Super Saver program with some great deals, you just have to signup.

  3. I like the selection at Dolphin, but the parking is so scary it’s funny. Backing out onto Centerline should be a challenge on “The Great Race”. Once I tried to do a 5 point turn in the parking space when it was empty and was called several names by passers by.

  4. I find the prices at Starfish insulting to the point where I will direct anyone who asks to Pine Peace,
    Love City or Dolphin.

  5. Neither Starfish or Dolphin gets any of my dollars.
    I shop in St. Thomas every 3 weeks. Even with Dolphin’s 10% discount, it can’t beat st thomas prices. My bill is at least 25% lower in St Thomas than St John….even factoring in barge and gas.
    The only place I shop is for fresh fish is at The Fishmarket at FishTrpa restaurant that just reopened.

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