Must the villa have a pool?

The Inquiring Iguana wants to know …

You're visiting one of the most beautiful places in the world.  And the beaches are tops, among the best in the world and, certainly, the best in the Caribbean.  So, do you need a villa with a pool? 

"If I'm going to swim, I want to do it in the ocean," said Dreamshark in Minneapolis, on the TripAdvisor St. John forum.  "So if you love having a pool at tour villa, tell me how you use it."

Tinkerbelle was quick to say she likes "a dip in the pool first thing in the morning before coffee." And, to top off the day, "an evening swim after dinner, staring at the stars."

Wishiwasinthevis is also a fan of pools.  "I love the ocean, however I prefer to look at it than be in it. I'm not a fan if salt. I also love the smell of chlorine!"

Mountainmom spoke for several people when she said a pool is the thing when the family stays in. "We like villa days where we cook and stay and never see another soul. Swimming in the pool after laying in the sun is such a treat."

Localsailor considered the question from a practical perspective. "The real advantage of a pool is that you can get buckets if water from it to flush the toilets when the power is off for hours or days at a time."

Pools are also good for families, when there are kids who need to rest and the adults can continue to have a good time.

How about you?  Is the lack of a pool at a villa a deal killer?

4 thoughts on “Must the villa have a pool?”

  1. We rented Stone House from Caribbean Villas and not only is it one of the best deals on the island… its also a great, wide open villa with a great view. Yes a pool would have made it even better, but we had friends with a time share at the Westin, staying at the same time, so it was a quick walk down there to use their facilities. Now, before you jump on me… we brought our own towels and spent a fortune on drinks and food there, and it was off season …so they got their moneys worth for sure…

  2. This is not a judgement on anyone else’s enjoyment needs but “St John is an island!” Water on all sides and lots of access. I love the carribean waters and the waters of the atlantic are always warm on St J.. I live in Pa., the water at the nearest beach doesn’t warm up until mid August. So for me no pool necessary.

  3. It’s not a necessity but there’s nothing quite like a refreshing dip after a day at the beach, an evening soak under the stars, or getting an all-over tan while floating in a private pool! My question is, why do villas bother with hot tubs? Give me a dipping pool any day!

  4. Skin Cancer and other sun damage concerns have me swimming at dawn or dusk, sharks permitting. I love a dip in a shaded ocean cove to admire the beauty and reflect on all that I enjoy. For exercise I need a lap pool, and wouldn’t rent or buy without one to use in safety whenever I am in the mood or nude as I like!

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