DaLivio restaurant delivers

It’s not tough to make Risotto, wrote the St. John Sun Times restaurant reviewer, "but making it sublime is difficult."  The island’s new Italian restaurant, DaLivio, does it, according to Eloise Anderson.

This was the newspaper’s second visit to the eatery which is located, roughly, across the street from the Lime Inn and next to Fred’s.  The first, soon after Livio Leoni opened for business was good, but then the summer came and the place closed for vacation.  Leoni and his Italian-speaking chef, Marco Bandini, are back – and in great form, the Sun Times said. 

Best bets: an orange salad with olives, anything Risotto, and pasta with bottarga (pasta, caviar, and olive oil).  Entrees average $25.  Best seats in the house are on the front porch (see and be seen) and … you must visit the bathroom, Anderson said:  "Most stylist and beautiful on St. John."

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  1. I’m back home now so I don’t have their phone number but they do take reservations. We had a very good meal there last week. The portions were huge and next time we’ll split them. When asked why they were so huge, the waiter said because the prices were so high that they felt they had to pile it on! Dah — could they reduce the prices and the portions?? He just laughed.

  2. March 11,2008
    What a fabulous authentic dinner. We had orange salad, gorganzola ravoli and tiramasu. The service top notch and the food over the top! We will head back next week before we leave the island. Spread the word DaLivio is fabulous!

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