Customs Back Open in Cruz Bay!

cruz bay overlook june 2018
We have fantastic news to share with you all this morning! You can once again clear back through US Customs in Cruz Bay!

We just received word from the Virgin Islands Port Authority that beginning today, June 8th, “pleasure craft and charters boats arriving from foreign destinations can now clear Customs in Cruz Bay!” Customs will, once again, be open in the Creek daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. It is unclear what building will be used to do so, as the Customs’ building was destroyed during Irma.

Passenger ferries between the USVI and BVI will not resume in Cruz Bay at this time. They will continue to operate out of St. Thomas.

For more information, please contact the US Customs and Border Protection at 340-776-6741.

4 thoughts on “Customs Back Open in Cruz Bay!”

  1. Jenn, thank you so much for this post. We can spend a lot more time on Jost now.
    Cannot wait to come down for 10 days for Carnival June 28th!!!!!
    Thank you, Jeff.

  2. As always,thanks for the updates on our home away from home ! Also best wishes on your new venture! The 3 of you. I was just thinking…… how about another monopoly game but with BVI & USVI spots? Fund raiser/ fun raiser!! We have full blown parties here based on the game. Painkillers and all.

  3. Jenn,
    Just wondering if you’ve heard any more about this. We’re coming down in November, but chartering through the BVI and our boat broker just told us it could take all day to check in and out if we want to come to STJ. Based on this and other articles, I would think it’s better now, but I can’t find any updates since this news broke.

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