Cruz Bay Gets New Palms!!

new palms grande bay 1
Image credit: Carolyn Huber

A little normalcy returned to Cruz Bay over the weekend thanks to the owners over at Grande Bay.

Eight brand new palms were planted in the sand along beach in front of the resort Saturday, replacing those that fell during last season’s storms. The palms were purchased by Grande Bay Resort Homeowners Association, and we thank them tremendously for that!

(Grande Bay is split into two entities: 1. There are Grande Bay owners; the majority rent their units as vacation rentals. 2. There is also the fractional timeshare program.)

Here’s another pic taken from the street:

Image credit: Carolyn Huber
Image credit: Carolyn Huber

Looks great, doesn’t it!

Not on island? No worries! You can see them for yourself on Grande Bay’s webcam. Click here to check that out, as well as the island’s other webcams. 

16 thoughts on “Cruz Bay Gets New Palms!!”

  1. I’m all for pretty trees but I hope they regularly take the coconuts out of the trees so they don’t kill any innocent people when they fall on innocent noggins.

    • Guess you are one of those people who believe ANYTHING that you read!!! That falling coconuts kill more people than sharks each year. It’s a myth!!!!

      • The deadly coconut situation is NOT a myth. It happened to me last year. One fell on my head and killed me.
        FYI, the earth is flat.

        • Well said Mike!!! Let me attempt to address this myth. Coconuts grow at the very top of the palm trunk in a radius of no more than two feet. If you were stupid enough, and had the time, you would have to hug the trunk for months at a time to even have a remote chance of being hit in the head with a falling coconut. And I suspect even then, a direct hit wouldn’t kill you. Nasty bump perhaps, but kill you???? They just aren’t that heavy. And to wit, have been visiting STJ for 15 years now, usually twice a year. Our favorite beach is Gibney which we visit at least twice each time and would sit under those glorious palms which Irma destroyed. ONCE a coconut fell and it wasn’t even close!! But perhaps some deserve to be removed from the gene pool!!!!!! LOL

          • Some coconuts are lighter than others and some can contain lots of coconut water and be very heavy….. and yes…. heavy and even light ones are potentially lethal.

          • Will be on Island mid Feb for a couple weeks.

            Jen should set up a happy hour gathering during that time for all the crazy people that make comments on News of St John. Would be fun to put names to faces.

            I’ve never met Jen but she apparently was in a boat at customs a couple years ago when Simon from Magnum VI was checking us in.

            Anywho, are you up for the happy hour challenge Jen???

          • Minnesota Mike – we are there mid-Feb next year too…and working on bringing a motivational speaker with us this time to help those that still may need some positive inspiration. Btu will default to Jenn – we’ve done her great tour to help bring money back on the island. If not, maybe she can privately share our emails for us.

    • Actually I saw it happen to a person. My recollection is the VINP were concerned about them breaking windshields. Either way – just be mindful and enjoy the shade they offer.

  2. Jen, the palms look great`, kudo’s to grand bay. off topic, we were there 2 weeks ago and didn’t see any work being done on joe’s rum or the beach bar? what’s up?

  3. I few years back there was a big-to-do about businesses that did not use ‘Native’ palms.
    Do we – meaning Jen – know if these palms are ‘native’ or not?

  4. Coconut Dan – ‘Innocent noggins’ LOL.
    I bet these trees came from the Dominican Republic- highly doubt they are native. Hope they were sprayed and debugged prior to entry.
    Coco trees aren’t native to the territory and are considered invasive, disruptive, nuisance plants by leading geologists. But they do offer good breeding spots for wild mongoose.

  5. Last week here in Wichita Falls a guy robbed a 7-11 with a loaded coconut. Scared the heck out of innocent bystanders who hit the floor in panic hoping for mercy.

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