Cruz Bay Bar Gets Some Upgrades

new building 420

Hello and happy Tuesday! So we were wandering around Cruz Bay yesterday when we saw something pretty cool taking shape over at 420 to Center. It looks like the boys over there have been working hard to give the bar a nice little makeover.

For starters, they’ve added some seating and they’ve built a nice looking structure for those who prefer to eat in the shade. They’re currently in the process of creating a baseball diamond in the floor, and we think it will look pretty darn cool when it’s done. Check out a couple of pics:

420 covered area


They’re also all about upcycling. See this pool table? Well they’re fixing to convert it into a lovely little couch. Pretty cool if you ask me.

pool table couch

For those of you who haven’t been to 420 to Center, they have some pretty yummy food. Here’s what’s currently on the menu:

menu 1

menu 2

They also have fun things like Jenga and Movie Mondays. So the next time you’re in Cruz Bay, make it a point to swing by and check out the place. We think you’ll have a good time.

A little Movie Monday action taking place...
A little Movie Monday action taking place…

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