Could It Be??

Fedral Sign August 2014I was cruising down Centerline Road over the weekend, and it looks like the emergency “fedral” repairs are finally complete! And we have to say, it looks pretty darn good! It also means that St. John, once again, is the home of no traffic lights. See for yourself…

Centerline fixed 2

Centerline fixed 1Looks pretty nice, right? So as you can see in the first photo, there’s been a little graffiti going on regarding the proposed Coral Bay marina. Voicing opinions for or against the project = cool. Spray painting property = not cool. Just saying…

Now I hate to say that the road is completely finished because we all know what happened when we said the ferries were finally up and running … that’s right, they stopped running. They’re still sitting in Cruz Bay, and from what we hear, they’re not going to run anytime soon. The latest gossip on island is that the ferry companies aren’t interested in paying for the upkeep. Not too sure how much truth there is to that, but it seems like a valid argument considering the operators never asked for these boats.

Hopefully they start running soon, or at the very least, move so our off-island friends can enjoy their view from the Spice Cam once again.

spice cam shot

5 thoughts on “Could It Be??”

  1. Here’s an idea for the ferries – give Varlack and TS one last chance to take the new boats, and if they refuse, put their monopolistic contracts back on the table for open bidding.

    Do you think someone like Love City (the nice car ferry people) or Captain John (!) could run a tighter ship, with less overhead (does it really take an office of 30 people to run a boat, especially when they can’t ever answer the PSC’s simple requests like “where did the money go”?)?

  2. It just mystifies me that nobody that had anything to do with that sign would spend $20 and get a matching sticker that said “federal” to cover up the mistake.

    Of course, said person would have probably ordered a couple of stickers to correctly spell “eyeland.”


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