Coral Bay to get new hotel, Deli Grotto’s new owner

Taking a cue from the successful couple who opened Cruz Bay Hotel, the new owners of the old Voyages restaurant building are reported planning to launch a similar, but much larger operation. The new hotel will be "green," sensitive to preserving the environment. 

According to Merry at Islandia Real Estate, the Coral Bay venture will have 20 to 27 rooms.  Cruz Bay Boutique has six.  The Coral Bay property's rooms will also be "reasonably priced," Merry said.  It will have a parking lot.

Back in Cruz Bay, the Deli Grotto at Mongoose Junction has changed hands.  According to recent reviews via TripAdvisor, the new owner is maintaining the quality that made Dan Sheffy's spot a standout for almost seven years. He formally listed the place for sale in the winter of '08, asking $475,000.

2 thoughts on “Coral Bay to get new hotel, Deli Grotto’s new owner”

  1. We love the Deli Grotto, great breakfast at a reasonable price, and the soups and salads are very good too….and the pastries…Yum! Please don’t make any drastic changes.

  2. Baked in The sun makes their own bread. Deli Grotto’s bagels are just frozen like you buy in the store and heated up. It would be nice if Deli Grotto made their own bread; then I might return. Till then I’ll stick with BITS.

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