Cool Stuff Happening Over at Hansen Bay


Stories like this really make me smile… It seems like every few months, we tell you a story about how beach access is being blocked for one reason or another. Well guess what? Today we’re telling you just the opposite.

A few years ago, our friends Thalia and Dunia – two cousins from New York City – learned that their family owned land adjacent to Hansen Bay. Now let’s start with that … how cool and exciting is that??!!! Well they moved down here, and they’ve been doing great things ever since.

Rather than blocking access to their beach along Hansen Bay, they’ve been welcoming the public. (And yes, I understand it is not “their” beach; however they own a good amount of property that leads to the beach.) But that’s not the new news. The new news is that they now have a huge, make your own honor bar, they grill for guests every then and again in which you can donate what you think is fair for what you enjoy, and they are also holding a “low country boil” party every Sunday between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. They typically ask for a $5 parking donation (which is very fair in our opinion) and they ask an addition $5 for the country boil on Sundays. All they ask in return is that you enjoy the beach and that you clean up after yourselves.

Seriously, how nice is this? It makes me happy to know that people are welcoming others onto their property to enjoy something so beautiful.

Want to go out and visit the ladies at Hansen Bay? Their property is located out East on Centerline Road just over the hill past Vi’s Snack Shack. The parking area is on the righthand side of the road. You can’t miss it. Have fun and tell them we said hello. 🙂

hansen bay sign

18 thoughts on “Cool Stuff Happening Over at Hansen Bay”

  1. What a wonderful thing……we need many, many, many, many more people, in this world, with this kind of heart and attitude.

  2. We were just there on 6/29 , Thalia saw us driving and looking at a map so she asked us if we would like to see her family’s beach.
    We were there only for a short time but it was wonderful, they were so welcoming, the nicest people we met that day.
    Thalia explained to us how the land has been owned by her family since the 1700’s and they opened up access to the beach for all to enjoy!
    We will definitely be back to enjoy Hansen Bay beach and to see them again, great people !

  3. We just ventured out there last week! Had a great time and it was obviously pretty quiet during for a Friday. Definitely want to make it on our next trip for the Country Boil and enjoy a Sunday with everyone! Thanks a bunch Thalia!!!

  4. Where exactly is this located? We have stayed on SJ near Hansen Bay but I don’t remember there being an area for a beach .

    • Location is passing Haulover and bear right, pass turtle rock on your left, go forward until you see two huge trees in the middle of the road, pass those trees and go up one more hill, then down. Hansen bay beach is to your right thru an open lattice gate. See you on the beach!

  5. Is this beach open daily? Can you snorkel from the beach?

    Are they still doing the lowboil on Sundays?

    Sad to hear that Vie’s closed.

    Trip to St. John can’t happen soon enough!

  6. Thalia was great! So welcoming and helpful!
    Then…… We went back to Hansen to enjoy our day. We had no problem paying a parking fee “donation” and enjoyed the day, but when we decided to swim out to the bar, we moved our car, which we were told we needed to do, only to be scolded like we were teenagers. It was not welcoming or respectful at all. Thalia, I know it wasn’t you, but your cousin may be losing business if that is the plan.. Looking forward to working with you when we move here. All beaches on St. John are public.

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