Condo plans crushed

"Permits Denied" — That’s the word from the Inquiring Iguana … whose sources often are good. 

Honestly, though, we’ll have to wait for some official confirmation.  But … word is that both Sirenusa’s extra stories and buildings, and the 9-story Pastory condo, have been vetoed by the DPNR/CZM/whatever powers that be. 

The Iguana hears this from a source in Coral Bay … which is dealing with its own development hassles.

The Iguana was also told that there was a meeting of the Island Green Builder’s Association Tuesday night – at which some visitors from St. Thomas were going to be advised some folks on St. J. have had enough "progress" of the monster-construction kind.

"Now, the Green Builders Assoc. is going to go after Grande Bay," Iguana is told. "They are thinking of a lawsuit."

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  1. Wonderful news! Now if we can just get someone to listen to us about the parking gargage. Great job to all who made this possible.

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