Coming Soon!!!


Most business deals on St. John typically start in a bar. StJohnopoly is no different.

After knocking a few back at the Barefoot Cowboy Lounge, Sadie Sea Charters and yours truly, Ms. News of St. John, had a light bulb moment. Together they’d create a game that both tourists and locals would enjoy while promoting what makes St. John so special – our business community and the people who live here.

Intrigued? Excited? I know I am! Stay tuned…

18 thoughts on “Coming Soon!!!”

  1. Instead of railroads you have ferrys. The chance cards will be sweet. “got drunk on beach lost my hook bracelet pay 200 dollars.” upper peter bay and lower peter bay. ie. park place and boardwalk. Go directly to jail!!! Oh shit! Go directly to jail, donot pass ferry dock, pay 200 dollars!

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