Club Med calls on St. John

Who knew Club Med does cruises?  Turns out they sure do, and one of its ships, Club Med 2, is in port on St. John today.  (The photo is not from Cruz Bay – it’s off the Cruise Critic Web site.)

The crew is French/English, and the ship can accommodate almost 400 people.  Its a new breed of ship that combines computer-assisted sailing with traditional engines.  Because she’s relatively small, as cruise ships go, 610 feet long, she can call on smaller islands, like St. John. 

CruiseCritic.com describes the experience: "Much like the resorts, Club Med 2 emphasizes fitness and physical activities. At the stern of the vessel is the sports platform, which enables passengers to water-ski, windsurf and SCUBA dive right off the back of the boat. The ship also offers a fitness room with aerobics. Other activities include a piano bar, karaoke, sauna and massage."

Is it good or bad that small cruise ships are calling on St. John?
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4 thoughts on “Club Med calls on St. John”

  1. 27 People thus far said very very bad, but no comments. I would like to know what they are thinking that it is very very bad to have small cruise ships land at St Johns

  2. Actually, if you add the very, very bad with the bad you come up with 51 pct.
    I also wonder what these folks are thinking. I’m sure it isn’t the shop keepers or folks that have other business.
    Maybe it’s just selfish tourists

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